Author Topic: Who was Daz talkin bout in the last song on dillinger & young gotti "DPG"?  (Read 280 times)


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i thought it was snoop at first, but now i dnt know, can anyone remember back to 2001 and if daz had any beef with anyone?

heres the verse

I heard of a lot of dope ass rappers and I'm down with 'em
In deed we all smoke weed and clowned with 'em
Hung around with 'em, one man, with my gun in hand
There's only one land, niggas down with me I can count on one
hand (Dogg Pound)
The carma get dumb-a, the double barrel pump-a heat bump-a
And I been rocking mic's since funky drum-a
These adventures reak havoc,
Speak lavish lifesyle but crack your clavicle for the cabbage
Ryhme savage, introduction to death
Muder MC's till ain't shit left
In a sector, why must MC's flip
Like gymnastics, just to get they ho ass whiped
Claiming they classic, but you don't set no classic examples
With your f**ked up beats, and your f**ked up samples
Ya last verbal war, you won't survive no more
I turned the channel, cuz nigga you ain't live no more
I use to follow, but now you's a legend like sleepy hollow
I shoot to kill on horse, peel your cap, swollow
There's no tommorrow, nigga, it all ends
I been rocking a mic nigga since hip-hop began
I'm the man, now what is this that I'm told to be red on the
Dissed by a nigga I admire (sucka)
Oh shit, hell no this can't be
Who's this on the radio dissing me
D-O- double G, P-O-U-N-D, shit scorcher
Doing a video for a song that got blew outta porportion
I found he's the deadliest force in the world
Where it's all about glamour, fame, and fortune
As we blast and creep, so f**k you
Your homeboys and any fools trying to compete
We the elite, Dat Nigga Daz is back and he's blasting
And anytime we meet face to face we mashing (ha-ha)

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  • i think you betta recognize...
I heard he was dissin Row on that, I also heard he was dissin ATL...
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"Claiming they classic, but you don't set no classic examples
With your f**ked up beats, and your f**ked up samples"

im guessin Big Hutch... remember Hutch was on death row a couple years ago

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It's an old verse dissing BG Knocc-Out and Dresta...Tha Row never made videos once Daz left, and if they did, it certainly did NOT get blown out of proportion.
"Detox" is a myth -- Bigfoot, Loch Ness Monster, Area 51, Iraq having WMD, get it now?  It was invented by the Aftermath marketing department to maintain the fans' attention.  Notice how everytime a new Aftermath album is ready to come out, they always mention Detox is next up?  Because they are using the invention of "Detox" as a way to market other albums.  The sooner you realize that Detox is NOT REAL, the sooner you'll feel liberated.  Oh yeah, f.u. Aftermath for fooling us fans.