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CREDITS: Capone (of CNN) - Menace II Society
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Menace II Society
Sure Shot Recordings


** NOTE: There's at least 3 different tracklistings circulating, this is the retail. **

01. King Of NY                               
Produced by DJ Twinz

02. F.U. Your Honor                   
Produced by Ill Will Fulton

03. Troublesome (La, La, La) (Feat Noreaga)
Produced by Just Blaze

04. Roll With Me                   
Produced by Frank Nitty

05. Aura                               
Produced by Frank Nitty

06. Fire (Feat Lexus)                         
Produced by Kev Kyze

07. Hand On My 9 (Feat 1100, Pinky Ring) 
Produced by DJ Twinz

08. Skit                             

09. Mac On Chill                     
Produced by Reefa

10. Whassup? (Freestyle)             
Produced by Scarface

11. No Problem
Produced by Scram Jones

12. No Henny, No Bud                       
Produced by Frank Nitty

13. Recognize                     
Produced by DJ Twinz

14. 38 Special
Produced by D.R. Period       
* Contains a sample of Jay-Z's "Threat"

15. Fallen Soldiers (Bonus Track)                             
Produced by Frank Nitty


* Intro
* Words From A Menace (Skit)
* Interrogation (Skit)
* Beatdown (Skit)
* Nowhere to run - (with Scarface) (Produced by Screwface)
* Fuck yo set (Produced by Reefa)
* Under My Sensi (with Mr Vegas)
* Drive By

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