Author Topic: Is this diss any good?  (Read 89 times)

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Is this diss any good?
« on: March 25, 2006, 12:04:58 PM »
People, I wrote this verse to channel some of my dislike about a particular Morroccan rapper living in the Netherlands who has very sell-out ways and who I happen to vehemently dislike. The Dutch readers will probably realise Im talking about Ali B here.
Please read and judge:

Ever since MTV bought TMF, I wished I had been deaf
for you know it blow, but worse then any interactive show
is this Morocco-homo that has been on every scene
I stay with that he had to pay every day to get his way
ever so keen even the Queen has seen those eyes looking mean
with that big nose inbetween, a face of the disgrace of the rap scene
a phony allochtone, who must have blown on bone
to get all those people at his home
but like any oversaturator,masturbating when seeing himself later
youre bound to have some hater later, a lyrical alligator
and if you didnt yet grasp the description of my task
it's to rip off your mask cause that what other rappers ask
You know what your doom is,your face in that humus,
7 tumours couldnt make your disses humorous for your humor is posthumous
pop your cherry, I'm non-stop on top,making jaws drop
 if you care about me
and if you dare me, I'll have you on the ferry,
where you will carry a shitload of faces like Jim Carrey,
eventhough your back is very hairy,you still couldn't scare me,
and if you darted,Barney would confuse you for a carpet even when he had allready started
you moronic Moroccan animal, inedible for every cannibal and thats including Hannibal
who could make a nice study of your buddy and your body
utterly unbelievable, and if progress is achievable
youre still eons before medieval and if that isn't feasible
it should still be readable that your brain is feedable
with information,like which nation offers the best occupational situation
for an integrated pop-rapper that serves to be berated,
for every producer that he devaluated,
and rises among the hated among even the credibility-wise inflated
and as you spit like a camel,as expected, our panel has elected
wether you are to be selected for infection during musical dissection
by just about any selection of rappers willing to pass on their perfection
wether you count as parental rentable or lamentable as detrimental
deserving of a state of hate, and to bring you up to date
at this rate,you'll jeopardise your fate
if you don't come back to the real,
and forego that crafted mass-appeal.
Z knows about ALL your inner conflicts..