Author Topic: 2015 NBA DUNK CONTEST...worst line-up ever?  (Read 544 times)

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Re: 2015 NBA DUNK CONTEST...worst line-up ever?
« Reply #25 on: February 16, 2015, 05:27:12 PM »
^ I'll never forgive your guy for bitching out after he said he was going to.

But he hosted a fashion show, can't we call it even? :laugh:

Some guy on Twitter asked LaVine if he went 1 on 1 dunk contest with Bron who would win & he said himself. Hopefully the media backs that bald fuck into a corner to just make it happen lol.

lavine would SLAUGHTER lebron in a dunk contest

Yeah, it's not like he has much to gain by doing it at this point. I just don't get why he created that hype for himself then backed out. MJ, Kobe, VC, etc at least did it at one point.

He probably wanted to do it when he said he would. His PR team was probably against it.

It was a time when fans voted & shitty ass, 37 attempt, Nate Robinson was stealing dunk titles from Iguodala & Dwight. LeBron was the most hated man in sports during that fan voting nonsense. He could of done a 360, between the legs, from the free throw line & put his elbow through the rim VC-esque & the fans would have voted against him. In hindsight it was a stupid move because even though the fans would have voted against him, we'd look back today & credit how great he was.

But it is what it is; get me some more rings, Bron.

LeBron didn't become hated until he made the movie to Miami. Him declaring himself an early entry in the contest was a few years before that.

Actually it was one year before the move to Miami, you right.

I don't know lol.