Author Topic: Africans civilized Europe, not the other way around...  (Read 717 times)


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Re: Africans civilized Europe, not the other way around...
« Reply #25 on: May 02, 2006, 10:27:14 AM »
yeah i heard about their "gymnasiums" ... thats real weird, what did they find wrong with women ?

Homosexuality in ancient Greece is greatly overstated. Saying every Greek was gay is like saying saying every white maerican was a slave owner. The idea for some sexist philophers was that since men were superior to women that a man's love was superior to a woman's love. The vast msjority of ancient greeks were to busy working to philosophize and had natural urges towards women. Greece didn't invent homosexuality.

It's not much different than Egypt's incest. While the extremely upper class was not allowed to marry a lower class you would sometimes have to marry your sister or mother, but the vast majority of Egyptians had no business marrying into their own family.

As for who civilized who? Has anyone actually seen source material for ancient history? It's ridiculous. It's very little info and a whole lot of theories and assumptions. Anything before 300 BC is very hard to get a strong grasp on and most of the stuff afterwards isn't that solid. Babylon, Egypt and China all greatly pre-date Greece and Greece supposedly came up with a lot of advancements, but we don't know if they were advancements or just the earliest known documents of existing theories, and for all we know there were civilizations 40,000 years ago that were better than all of them. Someone recently discovered a pyramid shaped mountain in the slavic countries and they are now studying it to figure out if it is a mountain or a man made pyramid. If it is a pyramid then it would be by far the largest pyramid so far and could lead to the discovery of a completely new and unknown ancient civilization that may turn ancient history upside down. If it is a pyramid and it is older than the Egyptian ones then we have to wonder who taught who how to make them. All I'm saying is don't put too much faith in history because it can change in an instant. 500 years ago tey thought the world was flat in Europe. 2300 years ago they were measuring the circumference of the earth in Europe. History can go back and forth.

ahahahaha, some one is ashamed of his ancestors jomo behaviour. And the fact that , internationally greeks are renowned for ass fuckery. Listen man, dont take it personal. Im pretty sure my ancestors did some fucked up things. Whose to say? They probably ate straw and fucked chimpanzees. I aint trippin over it tho.

I'm not ashamed. I'm just stating the evidence isn't concrete. Most of it is assumed by reading literature and studying art and both are only representitive of the aristocratic Greeks. There is nothing that proves the common Greek belonged to this lifestyle. Just like there is nothing that proves the common Greek knew anything about math or philosophy (something I have to tell my Greek friends when I bring them back down to Earth). What Greeks may or may not have done 2500 years ago is not my concern, not does it bother me if they did. I'm just stating the facts and pointing out the lack of facts.


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Re: Africans civilized Europe, not the other way around...
« Reply #26 on: May 02, 2006, 10:39:48 AM »

oh and is the topic ironic? since when has africa been civilised?

i love when the inner crakkka comes out

how about instead of making a cheap shot you back that up for once?

tell me.. which of the worlds great 'civilisations', or empires was african?

africa doesnt have shit even south america had..

Africas history is more like north american, australia.. more tribal.

Africa never had a "big" things going on like china, india, middle east, japan, europe, south america..

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