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Lil Kim - The Naked Truth
« on: April 29, 2006, 08:39:30 PM »
In a world where male emcee's dominate the rap game, only one lady can truthfully say she belongs at the top with the rest of them. No one in HIp-Hop history has garnered more success as a female rapper than that of currently incarcerated Lil' Kim. Raised in the streets of Brooklyn, and discovered by late great, Notorious B.I.G., Kim releases her fourth studio album, 'The Naked Truth'.

Always followed by controversy, the intro to this album depicts a scene of Kim coming out of court, with media reporters wanting to know the truth. The album starts out with a guitar laced joint, while Kim spells out her words more often than rapping them. "I'm the B-A-D-D-E-S-T chick in the game, what the fuck I gotta spell it out? I keep it G-A-N-G-S-T-A, what more can I say?" Kim borrows some style from Damian Marley in 'Lighters Up' to rep her hometown and give shout-outs to places all over America. A lengthy intro by Money Mike temporarily stalls the pace, but we are back on track with 'Shut Up Bitch'. Kim fires shots at haters here, as she shuts up skeptics talking bad about her.

Kim gives the Junior M.A.F.I.A. a quick jab on 'Whoa', while also demanding 6 mics for the album. The violins steer right to your ears as Kim gets her lyrical hustle on. The Queen Bee slows down on "Slippin" to tell her side of the story and take a stance against the unjustices of the world. "Public humilation, poor representation... Guilty by association" "No more Misses Nice Bitch, n*ggas done flip the script and got on some shiest shit." Kim talks about the media and law always being on the lookout to take someone down.

Pause for a skit of numerous recordings off Lil Kim's answering machine voicing their loyalty to her. Fast forward through two lackluster tracks; one of which samples Biggie, and yes, another Money Mike skit, which is marring the album at this point. Now back on track with a Eminem-esque produced song featuring The Game. What could be one of Game's best hooks to date brings us to Kim spitting about how no one in the industry is authentic anymore, and that she can see through all the phonies.

Rejuvenanted for a second, you can start to see the better tracks were placed at the beginning of the album. A Twista and Bun B collaboration on 'We Don't Give A Fuck' just seems out of place. One of the Queen Bee's closest friends Maino, trades verses with Kim, fantasizing about each other's respective genders. Well into the album now, even chicks need chronic breaks too, on a duet with Snoop Dogg named "Kronik". It's what you expect, a typical ode to the sticky icky. Surprisingly, Snoopy does little to appear on the track, other than some backing adlibs.

If I were Kim, I would not enlist the services of Money Mike again for her next album, as he gets to be very annoying the fourth time around. An upbeat anthem to "getting yours" with T.I. and Sha-Dash gets your head bumping again, as trumpets ring out the chorus. Ending the album is a slow jam with the QB declaring she will never give up until there is nothing left to do. "With my name and my picture, right next to Opera. In negotations with Bill Gates and his broker, 'til I'm with Jehova it ain't over 'til it's over" A heartfelt pouring out of emotions ends with piano playing the song out. A bonus candid phone recording of Kim talking to her mother is hidden at the end for those who might enjoy it.

Overall, Kim has shyed away from the raunchy cuts that make you think more about her body than her music. Essentially, Kim's focusing on pure hip-hop makes this album work, and leaves you wanting to replay a couple of cuts over and over again. Aside from the skits, and a few fillers, it is a solid effort, and definately worth checking out.