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Re: Yeah I AGREE NOW!!!
« Reply #25 on: May 09, 2006, 10:00:41 AM »
yeah right, I like this CD better than "Doggstyle"
you can't be serious :grumpy:


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Re: Yeah I AGREE NOW!!!
« Reply #26 on: May 09, 2006, 07:30:33 PM »
I bought this album around the time it came out, even though I knew in advance Dre wouldn't be on it.  Despite what some of y'all have said, I actually didn't think Snoop's lyrics were wack...he'd tighted up his flow a bit from his "Doggystyle" days.  The problem I had was that the production was basically blah; nothing really wack (except that "Snoop Bounce" shit), but nothing really well-done, either.  I know some of y'all like Daz and Pooh, but keep in mind that this was the point where G-Funk was played out, so you would've been numb to it then...and the fact is, those cats weren't on Dre's level anyway.  I had low expectations so I wasn't too disappointed, but I still don't really bump "Tha Doggfather" much these days.

he even said in a interview that he wanted to get away from that hardcore rap.

I think that's kinda ironic, because "Tha Doggfather" is pretty much the only Snoop Dogg album I'd classify as "hardcore" rap.  Usually, Snoop's always been about that laid-back player/pimp shit (starting on "Doggystyle"), but his vocal tone and his delivery were far more confrontational and thuggish on "Tha Doggfather" than they would ever be on his later albums.  I also thought it was out-of-character for him, and I was glad that he got back to the player shit by the time he went to No Limit.

I still feel it was one of his better albums considering his days with No Limit and the albums after that.

Man, you crazy..."No Limit Top Dogg", "Tha Last Meal", and both of Tha Eastsidaz album are excellent, and most definitely better than "Tha Doggfather".
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