Author Topic: whose got info on DJ Khaleds new cd.  (Read 258 times)

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whose got info on DJ Khaleds new cd.
« on: May 18, 2006, 10:28:14 AM »
i know its dropping june 6th.. and its got 3 hot ass singles, jadakiss and beanie collabo, the born and raised with rick ross, trick, and pitbull, and then the holla at me with wayne paul wall fat joe rick ross pitbull. anyone else got info on this.. these 3 songs are fucking crazy.


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Re: whose got info on DJ Khaleds new cd.
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Yep cant wait for this cd 8)

Its gonna be a great summertime: This, Big Bang, Raekwon,Akon, Banks and Pharrell....
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Re: whose got info on DJ Khaleds new cd.
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The Streets Is Talking: News & Notes From The Underground

"Li, li, listennn!" DJ Khaled explains the title of his debut, Listennn ... The Album, and his trademarked call as just regular talk. "That's the Terror Squad lingo," he said. "Me, Fat Joe, we be buggin' out. Whoever's in the crew and wants to get a point across we say 'Li, li, listennn.' "

Khaled's indie LP comes out June 6, and the rapper says that though he has great relationships with just about every MC on his LP including Kanye West, the Game, Nas and Young Jeezy he actually had to go to different cities during the past year to track these guys down and record with them.

"[They said], 'Let me give you a song,' " Khaled explained from Miami. "I was like 'Nah, let's go create.' Because it's gotta be right. My album ain't no regular sh--." The DJ's first single is a posse cut called "Holla at Me," which as anyone who's been watching videos or going to the clubs lately knows features Lil Wayne, Paul Wall, Fat Joe, Rick Ross and Pitbull. Khaled says the order that you hear the MCs on the song is the same order that each put down their vocals. And he revealed that all of the rappers did their verses in one take. (Click here for behind the scenes photos from the video shoot.)

"Lil Wayne is like my favorite rapper," Khaled said. "He's the first person I went to. I walked in the studio, and it was Wayne and Trina in the studio. He told his engineer, 'Load up the CD; put it in the Pro Tools.' ... It took him five minutes to lay the vocals."

"What was cool," Khaled said, "is that it was pretty early in the recording process for my album, so that energy gave me the energy to say, 'I'm gonna make this album crazy.' "

The album also includes the Beanie Sigel and Jadakiss duet "Problem" and the Kanye West-captained "Grammy Family."

"Kanye's record is classic," Khaled said. "He produced it. It's him and Consequence, and they're putting John Legend on it. Kanye just spits fire. He gave me a verse that was so incredible, when I got it, I hit him so many times to say thank you, he probably thinks I'm crazy. I've been on him for a year to get the song. He's mad busy, but he kept it real."

The Miami turntablist/producer calls "Problem" "historical."

"Beanie Sigel and Jadakiss? Come on man," Khaled boasted. "When I recorded Beanie I told him I wanted to put Jadakiss on it. He said, 'Let's go.' I called Jada and said 'I got this record I want to put you on. Let's make history.' Jada is talking that sh-- on there, and Beans is talking about what's going on in hip-hop.

"I got this other record that's called 'Born and Raised in the County of Dade,' " he added. "Remember how you had Ja Rule with 'New York'? I made a crazy Miami anthem that's gonna cross over. It's got Pitbull, Rick Ross and Trick Daddy."

Other interesting combinations on the LP include a song that pairs the Clipse with Freeway and a track featuring Akon, Fat Joe, Styles P and Rick Ross.


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Re: whose got info on DJ Khaleds new cd.
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Thanks for the article...

Does anybody have a tracklist for this CD?
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Re: whose got info on DJ Khaleds new cd.
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album looks crazy!


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Re: whose got info on DJ Khaleds new cd.
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just a question... how does this guy call this album his if he doesnt spit on it once and only produces a few tracks on it?