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definition of hype
« on: June 15, 2006, 07:30:16 PM »

DeepThinka Records (DTR) announces the release “The Gr& Buffet” 12” Record and CD. This “3-track single” marks the DTR debut from veteran Buffalo emcee Gr& (Grand) Phee. When asked about his move up to a larger audience, Phee is quick to point out that even though this single is “not what you’ll see on BET”, he does plan on making his mark in a more mainstream arena, and “has big aspirations in reviving hip hop’s integrity”. Gr& Phee’s diverse influences (Big Daddy Kane, Fresh Prince, & Nas, to name a few) come together to create a refreshing sound that is all his own.
In true DeepThinka fashion, the single doesn’t stop with just one song. The Gr& Buffet serves up three solid tracks guaranteed to put some meat on your bones and a swagger in your step. “Do the Math”, “Y U Mad?!?”, and “Watchout 101” are a sampling of Gr& Phee’s wide-ranging lyrical versatility.  Late 90’s hip hop legend El Da Sensei (of the Artifacts),  as well as label-mates Xnow, and Rhyson Hall add to the mix and provide support with powerful guest appearances. The 12” record—yes, they still make records—will be released in June 2006, and of course it will also be available on CD and in MP3 format.
Gr& Phee has recently been working hard not only recording, but also sharing the stage with worldwide hip hop acts such as Ghostface Killa, Planet Asia, and Mr. Lif. This August, he will be headlining “The Guy on the Couch Tour” with Rhyson Hall, beginning out in California and working their way back here to the East Coast. Both Phee and Rhyson are now available for features and interviews, which can be arranged by contacting DeepThinka Records at 716-873-2151 or online at

View the ONE SHEET at
Listen in:
Y U MAD?!?: