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« on: June 30, 2006, 10:49:08 AM »
Muthafucknin' bullshit! I'm a good kid why the fuck is god kicking me in the balls. He hates me...what BS.

Everything happens for a reason.

Everything he's doin is happening for a reason. Maybe all this shit that's happening and him taking away things I got love for is gonna have a good result at the end. Right now I'm living in dark but there's always light at the end. Plus he wouldn't do this I mean he couldn't he ain't like that.

Are you fuckin retarted. Keep thinking things always happen for a reason and you'll see what really happens. You can't think like that. Things happen, they happen you can't change it and you can't think postivie, thinking you will be rewarded. What an ass. You gotta make the best of what he's giving you.

Ya know I get hit with this brief feeling of convindence all the time. One second, 'Oh hell yes I'm gonna do it and I can'.

Next second,'Who you playin you stupid son of a bitch, you suck'.

You hear about it all the time. 'Ya know I had such a passion for it. I had a love for it. I knew from day one this is what I wanted to do. I'd be outside day in day out, practicing. Practice makes perfect. I followed my dream' That's what I want, I want a passion like that. I used to be able to say shit like that. I was out in the middle of winter shovling snow off the court. I had a passion for it. I watched every move by every player on the television tryin to copy what they did. What the fuck happended.

I'll tell you what happened. You never liked it. You were good at it but now you lost it. Everybody on the team is outside practicing, one more time, practicing. They are doing it all day long making sure they dont get rusty. What are you doing? You go out there next year and your gonna look like the same fool you did in December.

But theres people on that team who don't even pick up a ball until they step up on that court.

Well that's becuz they don't got a love for it. You may have some type of something for it but you can't force yourself to do something you can't do.

I can it and I'm gonna go do it.

Ok. you suck. Fuck it.

I'm losing shit. It's falling right thru my fingers.

Muthafucka your a hyopcrite. Your a hyopcrite to yourself. Your a hyopcrite to others. Your a hyopcrite to what you think you love.

What? I love hip hop too. That shit is like fuckin wrapped around me.

But your a hyopcrite to it. You know what you want to know about it. You got dudes knowing an artist like they know thier name. Knowing producers like they know the back of their hand. Knowing that producer's sound they like they know the sound of their voice.

You don't got to know a hip hop artist like you know the color of your ass. If you get a feeling from it like nothing else you know hip hop. If you can listen to a song understand what their sayin you know hip hop. If you can connect with it you know hip hop. Anybody can learn hip hop only a few can feel it.

Your a fuckin moron. Get a life. You misunderstood lowlife half ass muthafucka.

I know.

You want God to understand you but you don't even go to fuckin' chruch on sunday. Wow.

You don't need to know a fuckin fake ass prayer to talk to God. So your the dumbass now.

Be patient toward all that is unsolved in your heart and try to love
the questions themselves. Live the questions now.
Perhaps you will find them gradually, without noticing it...

.................... :sign_werd:


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Re: ..........................
« Reply #1 on: June 30, 2006, 11:00:54 AM »
dont worry man... when you find the right girl, you'll know what to do :) and if youre upset about argentina losing, well shit happens, i'm a richer man though  8)

and you dont need to go to church to understand God, just do whats right, and there is no reason why things shouldnt sway your way.. just never give up, be strong, take it step by step. even if you get kicked in the balls again, just give them a rub, get back on your feet, and get ready for the next kick, if it doesnt come, count it as a blessing.