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Re: Why do people have such a hard-on for Jay-Z?
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Cam'Ron > Nas, Jay-z, Jadakiss, Fabolous, Fat Joe, Ja Rule

Cam'Ron = King of NY
Cam has 2 classics,  "Purple Haze" and "Come Home With me"
while "Killa Season" "S.D.E" and "Confession of Fire" were great to.

LOL, this is why nobody takes you Dipset dudes seriously.

Everything I said is accurate, Its not like Im talking out of my ass.   Man forget the fact that Cam has worn pink before BIG DEAL!  The guy can flat out rap and he allergic to the word flop.

nobody said anything about cam wearing can rap...but he can't write lyrics for shit

Maybe lately his lyrics have been a little lazy I can admit that, but dude still is tops when it comes to punchlines and wordplay

see again we differ....personally i think cam is one of the worst as far as punch lines and word play...and he always has been...even on his earlier albums his lyrics were weak...they just weren't jibberish back he's just spitting flat out bullshit

whatever doggie its all opinions.  

"We destroy {niggaz}, need advice, cause I heard em sayin Jesus Christ
You should see the sight, cookin ox-tail, peas and rice
Makin about a G a night, they can't read or write
But I got every creed and type, you need a dyke, babygirl I see the light
But sometime y'all get crimey crimey, grimy grimy
But those with a tiny hiney they get whiny whiny
So guard your girl, Harlem World, cock the gun, pop it son
Fila fam, illa players, Killa Cam is still the man"

Killa, yo, these girls told you I'm the man right? (right?)
Well listen to lover
When I beef, visions are gutter
Kids clapping, kidnappings, heard her missing a brother
I'm hitting your sister, you kissing your mother
The shit is disguster
Underground with people, lethal, trapped in the desert, surrounded by evil
Yeah, I see your bitch is impressed, my kicks is all fresh
This shit on my chest, by Mitchell and S.
I got her opened, hoping she's not, I'd have her crack in her tits, coke in her twat
Have her crack up the strip, coke up the block
She'd get cracked up and hit, keep soaping your cycle mami
My girls lay up in suites, a half of cake of week, and masturbate like Tweet
Killa, I be popping the oozies, copping them Coogis, eyes on the drop real droopy
Mair is snoopy, look at your hooptie, rocking the rubies
Hop in the hoochie, popping her coochie
Chill while I'm chasing millions
I'm a baller that would merk you like Jason Williams (uh Huh)
Don't play with villas', vacate the building
Or the eights will come and rape your children
Yeah, it's a kilo to a milligram
I'm still the man, word to Killa Cam (Killa Cam)

Now I was in the boogie down getting some ass
I got a beep from my block, had to split so I dashed
And the Killah ain't been around the way for two days
I called my man 4-0 the green Grand from the ways
When I got to my block, if I wasn't in shock
Then I was cause I found out my cousin got shot
They said yo "It was concerning, the germans, they came through
blazing, and burning, left Blood squirming
A line blast out, but he got his ass out
Then Capone came in the Grand and drove him to the stash house"
Now I run into the house with the tool in my hand
Tried to do in my man, fucking ruined our plan
When I get in the first, tears start to burst
Cause I see a trail of blood thinking the worst
Flowers, casket, hearse, but nah, all I seen was his left leg split
Dude Capone working on him with the First Aid kit
And they told me the scoop on this wild ass please
It was just a graze, in and out his leg
But they came through dead nasty, it was Fred Blassie
Crew shot shit up quick and then fled fastly
Now I'm thinking - over dough or dice?
Come to find out this is all about his hoeing ass wife
And niggaz always pulling guns quick over some chick
Motherfucker that's that some dumb shit, but yo this ain't done with
Cause lifestyle, quite foul, lord ? to my sight now
Turn them germans into ashes Harlem Night style
And that's how it goes when you dealing with stranglers
Girls, the misters and haters, felons biscuits and bangers

Im not arapper but i can aleast do a lil. better than that.........I love life, thats why im taking  yours-run up in ya crib and drink all ya coors ;)/im bout it and crazy like a bush administration-  I hitém4 they shit, now im chillen with da  nation/big hemp gets  head from a darkskin hatian- whoz popz is black,and momz  is full  asian :-*/never really like da way they look at me-whispering*I think he from the big dub,C ;)

I dunno how, but you just made Cam look like  Rakim...
Comeing from a full blown hata 8)u crazy!!cam cant fuck with the 1st line i real,and stop drinking that hataraid. :D

Do you just pretend to speak english?
No but me doggystyling ya moms is not an illusion. :laugh:

You're's a sick fantasy...The reality is that you're an 11 year old white virgin.

"THE" MoSav

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Re: Why do people have such a hard-on for Jay-Z?
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^^^^^^END THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Re: Why do people have such a hard-on for Jay-Z?
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NIK, I thought you were smart enough to spot an alias when one comes along...