Lieutenant Abdul-Shakur

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LOL, I read that on the Hal Turner's website, those are his words not mine.

"As I said on my radio show last night, this Lebanon thing is not about captured soldiers or rockets being launched into Israel; this is a LAND GRAB. Murderous jews beasts rampaging through Lebanon while America winks and nods!"


Some comments on his website by the "WHITE" Americans.(pretty

i was glad to hear today that more than fifty jews were killed in south lebanon during their ground fight, without their american planes and unguided missiles they are nothing i hope they all die a very painfull death
i g | 07.28.06 - 12:31 am |

Israel should be wiped off the map. Arabs should take the hint and rise up against these pigs. Death to zionism, death to imperialism.
Wouldn't you like to know, FBI | 07.27.06 - 8:53 pm |

Great posting Hal !
Yes Hal tells it like it really is , jEWS are gutless filth >>>

go through that site and view the CRYING and WHINING KIKE so called soldiers , theyr'e getting their azzes kicked , throats slashed open , disembowled ect... Is it any wonder ???

The KIKES commit GENOCIDE upon the Lebanese people and Hezbollah 'who ARE Lebanese' are going BERSERKR with FIERCE REVENGE in their hearts !

die jews just die
Justin jEW H8TER | 07.27.06 - 9:03 pm |

Hal, Please block all the queer jew stanzlers on here. They're not supposed to be around GOD's chosen people. Thank You in advance.
High Rider | 07.27.06 - 10:47 pm |

The satanic DNA seedline jews want to MURDER ALL non jews, PERIOD!!! They have been saying this for CENTURIES!!! They have ALWAYS said; "We want a World of our own"! That means for the STUPID & PATHETIC WHITE RACE & all of the other Pure Races & Mixed Multituides, all non jews must DIE, according to the jews! There will be 1/3 of the White Race spared, according to YHVH, who's opinion is the ONLY one that counts! Until His return, His COMMANDMENT since Genesis 3:15 has been KILL jews, PERIOD!!! WAKE UP WHITE RACE SO CALLED LAUGHINGLY MEN & KILL JEWS UNTIL HIS RETURN!!!
Pastor Bob Jones | 07.27.06 - 11:13 pm |



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  • PAKI...What!!
i somewhat agree...i know the jews commiting attrocities and as muslims we all feel for are brothers, but i can neva wish death upon no-one, not untill its too much to take, thats when ppl go to Jihad innit??

i cant see ppl die, i got peeps in Lebanon mayne! so i feel for them and i know ppl wud label me as doing propaganda or extremists or watever...thats why i seldom say shit here mayne.......the truth of the matter, we see things different!! i wish i cud make u see things my way....but watever mayne im out!


one man's freedom fighter is other man's terrorist! <---so true!!!!
A good friend will come bail you out of jail...but a true friend will be sittng next to you saying...'Damn we fucked up' -


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Thats very true, but seriously its the people at the top pulling the strings the majority of jewish people are just having their strings pulled. Exactly the same trick is used here and in america, most people fall for it regardless of whether they are white black jewish etc.

Lieutenant Abdul-Shakur

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wow, Hizballah seems to be all over the news, seems like theyre progressin more than the jewbaccas