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CREDITS: The Juggaknots - Use Your Confusion
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01. Here Comes (produced by Buddy Slim)                                                 

02. Hey (produced by Breeze Brewin)

03. Namesake (produced by DJ Eli)                                                                   

04. Leon Phelps (produced by Breeze Brewin)                                                                                 

05. Strip Joint (produced by Breeze Brewin)                                                                   

06. Liar, Liar feat. Wordsworth (produced by Breeze Brewin co-produced by Buddy Slim)   

07. Use Your Confusion (produced by Buddy Slim)                                     

08. Smile feat. Castro (produced by Breeze Brewin)                                                       

09. New $$$ (produced by B-Money)                                                                                               

10. Vows feat. Slick Rick (produced by Oh No)                                                             

11. Daddy's Little Girl (Produced by Oh No)                                                   

12. 30 Something feat. Sadat X of Brand Nubian (produced by Breeze Brewin)

13. Movin' the Chains (produced by Breeze Brewin)                                                   

14. Never feat. Nine (produced b Breeze Brewin)                                                                           

15. Crazy 8's feat. J-Treds, John Robinson, Pop, B-Slim, Big Tone, Shay Login, Wordsworth, Herawin, Sub-Con, Rob-O, Jax, Breeze Brewin (produced by J-Zone)