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Album Review: Same Day, Different Shit - 8/11/6
« on: August 11, 2006, 02:39:00 PM »
first review, i kept it open minded, sue me if you dont agree with anything here,

Kurupt - Same Day Different Shit
Producer(s): Daz Dillinger, Ivan Johnson
Guest Spots: Daz Dillinger, Ashton Jones
Writer: Chris "4108" Smith

I. "Kurupt AKA Young Gotti - Same Day, Different Shit"
If during 2005 you thought to yourself, "Damn what would Against Tha Grain have been like with Daz's production?" Well, Same Day, Different Shit answers that question, very consistenly I might add. Infact, I'll just get this out the way now: Same Day is virtually Against Tha on steroids, not quite "Streetz" or "Space Boogie" however. Okay so in 2005, I was pretty confident Kurupt wouldn't make any sort of worthy comeback. Hell even after this album I'm still convinced. Although I'm glad to know he's consistently staying at "a level" instead of continuing to gradually fall off even moreso. With that being said, a diehard Kurupt fan as myself can live with him.

ii. Lyrics
Poetical Poltergist is back, yes lyrically. But Same Day Different Shit apparently, catches the oh so poetical one's subject matter on a rude early monday morning. "Bangin On Bustas" is a reoccuring subject, if not the theme? (hence the repetitive subject matter, then look at the title) After maybe 4-5 songs you may just get tired of this, when I first got it I did. With subject matter, it is definately a Sad Day, But Same Shit nonetheless.Now outside of that, lyrically Kurupt, is definately back. The wordplays are as strong as ever, and Kurupt has pretty much molded into scarce rhyming. He hasnt changed much, but I believe "Canibus-lite" is the term for him now. Back to the wordplays: You probably wont get half the wordplays because their so over the head, that and DPG fans are notorious for not giving a fuck about the lyrics and just listening to the beat. (See: Daz's career past 1996). Man If "Against Tha Grain" surfaced with this many wordplays Kurupt would have literally, ran all his fans away. Production from Daz Dillinger here helps it marinate if you can put those ridiculously high death row standards of theirs down for a minute and let the album itself marinate. You know, actually listen to the lyrics. (I know!) We'll notice some lyrical and poetic devices start to flurish. Now LYRICALLY, I said dude was back, but his delivery is still on that mumble mumble five syllable word mumble mumble freestyle shit. Come on now if he had used any of his former deliveries and put some emotion into his voice, this would be right next to Smoke Oddessey, easily. But Kurupt is more relaxed here than anything. This is the only plateau "Against Tha Grain" can compete with this album on, Kurupt's delivery. On "Against Tha Grain" Kurupt featured some serious emotion on tracks like "My Homeboys", "Throwback Muzic 86", "Anarchy 87" and excedra. On Same Day, he is, virtually the same delivery over different beats.

iii. Production
If you're anything like me, you turned to "Same Day Different Shit" because "Cali Iz Active's" production gave you the cold shoulder. Where has the modernized G-Funk of Dillinger & Young Gotti gone? Its gone here. It is here that Daz Dillinger makes up for the "Eat A Dick" diss days and his complete absence of production on "Against Tha Grain" by contributing to the entire album except for maybe a track or two. As you may know, after "Dillinger & Young Gotti" in 2001, Daz's production became more bass-influenced. So a lot of the originality/creativity in his beats have already been ironed and steamed out from 2002-2005. And now, virtually everything "DAZ" has fallen off after his sherm and crack addictions. But wow the guy's really outdone himself here, this is his best in years. He shows he's still got it to make it into the top 5 of my top western producers period. That is why this album is better than "Cali Iz Active" alone. C.I.A touches down as a mere radio edit once you let this badboy marinate. Plus we can see now why Daz Dillinger should always produce on DPG albums, and that the other in-house producers cannot fill his void and expect it to be labeled "DPG".

iv. Quirks
The intro alone is what every Kurupt fan wants to hear being said after what took place on "Against Tha Grain". Its just a fatass dosage of reality, - force fed to the now "Abandoned" Kurupt fans of 2005-2006. The outro is of similar quality, using the same beat as the intro, leaves you vaguely asking..."So is kurupt done? Is it over?". Guest features are minimum. Daz appears on three tracks, and a R&B singer(I'd Assume?) named Ashton Jones on "What Can I Do" singing chorus. Not bad really, This is better than C.I.A and it had what, the whole DPG affilate force on it? Daz and Kurupt are really all you need. Them putting even 75% of their effort into an album outweights two RBX features, a Lady Of Rage verse, a nice snoop verse and Soopafly's production. I'll also take this time to mention that Menace-II-Society samples wash ashore at the beginning and ending of some tracks.

v. standout tracks
04 - I Get High 2
Modernized G-Funk at its finest. Who knew one of the shittiest DPG songs period could have such a amped up "continuation" (Dillinger & Young Gotti - I Get High - 2001). In this case, and this case only, the follow-up is actually better than the original. When I first downloaded the album(lol) this became my favorite track instantly, because the "Doggfood DEATH ROW DAYS4LIFE" side of me met a long time friend he hasnt seen or heard, since 2001. Now the title itself is a wordplay, Whereas its a sequel to the original "I Get High", the "2" in the title has a double meaning. "I Get High Too" / "I Get High 2". Same Day, Different Shit is full of wordplays and double-taps, the best way to notice them is if you notice Kurupt repeats the same word twice in the same bar.

06 - Gangstaz pt2
Wow, this is a straight banger. I dont care if you hate this album, but Its impossible to be a DPG fan and not like this cut. This shit bangs like "DPGc Muzic" and "What Would You Do?". Probably Kurupt/Daz's best verses in awhile too. As with the above mentioned "I Get High 2", This track is also a continuation of the oh-so-forgettable "Gangstaz" of "Space Boogie: Smoke Oddessey". Now it seems Kurupt is taking in a new tactic, Instead of making the same song about gangbanging and generic g-tales over and over again, he slaps a "pt 2" on it to subconsciously trick you into thinking its just a remix or a new verse, when its a whole new track altogether lol, did he do that because he knew the subject matter here was boring, and he figured it'd be point reduction worthy? You could seriously take off the "pt2/pt3/pt5" tickmarks and not even realize their continuations/sequels. They bare little-to-no elements of the original tracks anyways. lol

Are these the only standout tracks? Hell no, this album is dope all the way through, but if you dont like "Gangstaz pt 2" then you are just a fucking moron. No really, they did scientific studies on it, with like a lot of test tubes, balance beams and shit.

v. Overall
The subject matter dented this album a bit, but looking at the title while glancing at the cover, its kind of justified. - Justified laziness on Kurupt's behalf, but its still a worthy highlight of his career. In all honesty if this album was more than 14 tracks it'd probably get a lower rating and be less consistent and more boring than it already is. Quality over Quanity you know?

iv. Aftermath
Apparently, Kurupt is headed down that same hardcore street as he was on "Against Tha Grain". But "Same Day Different Shit" takes it in a slightly new direction. It could be the aftermath of teaming back up with Daz Dillinger, but somehow this and Kurupt's unreleased tracks are gradually resulting in a U-Turn away from his pessimistic writing habits and his career overall. I hear rumors of some new album coming out with Fredwreck and Warren G producing, if thats the case its Space Boogie pt. 2 mixed with regulator, and I know damn well that will be up there with Streetz Iz........Assuming this rumor is true. :(

Hits: step-up lyrically from against tha grain, daz's production, menace 2 society samples?
Misses: subject matter, boring-emotionless delivery

Lyrics: 8/10             Production: 7.5/10            Overall: 7.5/10


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Re: Album Review: Same Day, Different Shit - 8/11/6
« Reply #1 on: December 08, 2006, 04:44:31 AM »
ok review....

best album of year of 2006 in my opinion


dont have time to type.....


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Re: Album Review: Same Day, Different Shit - 8/11/6
« Reply #2 on: January 15, 2007, 09:32:35 AM »
great reveiw, u seem to hav put alot of time into this, i do agree on t being album of 2006 for me, i also agree with the stand out tracks gangstaz pt2, i get high 2, for me the best track on there is ryde & roll, it has tht unmissable g funk production from daz with that west coast synth in there.


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Re: Album Review: Same Day, Different Shit - 8/11/6
« Reply #3 on: February 20, 2008, 09:47:28 AM »
wow a very detailed review on this, I like the dark production on this by Daz and the fact that it is as much a solo Kurupt album with no guest spots other than Daz. Enjoyed this a lot more than Cali Iz Active which came out the same day.

BOX5 the best poster on this site yell

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Re: Album Review: Same Day, Different Shit - 8/11/6
« Reply #4 on: February 22, 2008, 10:56:48 PM »
album of the year for 2006? ARE YALL FUCC'N SERIOUS!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA YALL SMOKING THAT GOOD  8), got to love that coastal bias tho,i guess if the source can do it for they artist i guess it can be done here on dubcnn, so thumbs up hahahahaha,but in reality get fucc'n serious yell
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