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Why We Fight
« on: August 13, 2006, 12:32:32 AM »
Real interesting documentary, won something at sundance, but it revolves around the idea that the military-industrial complex that eisenhower(sp?) warned the american people about in his exit speech is in full swing. It's not a conspiracy type of movie, all the people featured are extremely credible. Also, it has a woman who was a former lt. col. in the army and has since quit as she was involved with preparing the argument that Saddam did in fact have weapons of mass destruction. She says that all the intelligence gathered saying he sought yellow cake and shit occured, in the 80's, but was being presented out of context to make it seem like it happened recently. I'm sure we have all realized it was bullshit by now (i hope) but really, to have someone speak out specifically about how it went down has escaped me anywhere else. Its been a few months since i saw the movie so i could be a little off but i dont think so. Anybody else seen it?