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CREDITS: X-Clan - Return To Mecca (Advance)
« on: August 15, 2006, 01:45:24 PM »
1. Intro (produced by DJ Fat Jack)

2. Aragorn (produced by Quazedelic)

3. 3rd Eye ft. Tri State of One Session (produced by DJ Khalil)

4. Hovercraft

5. Why You Doin That (produced by Bean One)

6. Voodoo ft. RBX & Quazedelic (produced by DJ Khalil)

7. Weapon X (Produced by Ultraman 'Ra Hanna')

8. Mecca ft. Jah Orah (produced by Quazedelic)

9. Speak The Truth ft. KRS-One (produced by Jake One)

10. Self Destruct (produced by J Thrill)

11. Positrons (produced by Quazedelic)

12. Prison ft. Christian Scott (produced by Proh Mic)

13. Atonement ft. Jah Orah (produced by DJ Fat Jack)

14. Funky For You ft.Chali 2NA (produced by Quazedelic)

15. Verbal Pimpin (produced by DJ Quik)

16. Trump Card ft. Hannah B (produced by ACL, DJ Fat Jack, P-Nice)

17. To The East ft. YZ & Abstract Rude (produced by DJ Fat Jack)

18. Space People ft. Quazedelic (produced by Quazedelic)

19. America ft. Jacoby Shaddix of Papa Roach (produced by P. Shevlin)
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Re: CREDITS: X-Clan - Return To Mecca
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Looks like im going to have to cop this album seeing the guest spots and producers they got (RBX, KRS-One, Jacoby Shaddix, DJ Khalil, DJ Quik, Jake One).