Author Topic: Anybody else suspicious of the timing of the "thwarted" London attacks?  (Read 288 times)

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^and why do you take to heart alternative news that seems so subversive? it seems like a fundamental issue for you as well, you pretend to have answers because you are willing to believe anything that seems unpopular or disproving of mainstream news and history

Only an ape would find it to hard to imagine the possibility that it didn't go down exactly like the news station said it did.
imagine lol, so u basis for this being a 'false flag' is made entirely out of fiction!!

iraq would just get annexed by iran

That would be a great solution.  If Iran and the majority of Iraqi's are pleased with it, then why shouldn't they do it?

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imagine lol, so u basis for this being a 'false flag' is made entirely out of fiction!!

I was merely suggesting that the timing of all this was very suspicious, and that it's a possibility.  Allah knows best what really took place.

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While it is entirely possible that there is a conspircy, I just can't simply beilive it at this point. For one thing you didn't present any proof. At this point it is just speculation. If we go by that logic anything that happens around the same time can be said to be related. It's cool for you to have your suspicions Bryan, but we need actual concreate evidence before we can label this more then a small possibility. Throw that in and then we can talk more elaboratly.

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  • i think you betta recognize...

This is the fundamental problem. j bananas, i mentioned just briefly about the Stasi and you hadnt a clue who or what the stasi were. Similarly you have little or no knowledge of documented events like operation gladio. operation northwoods, hell even tapes have now surfaced proving that Roosevelt knew well in advance about pearl harbour but he allowed it to happen anyway. This is the point history is littered with either planned government false flag attacks or attacks that took place. The latter includes operation gladio. Now with that in mind why are you so quick to dismiss the notion that the government has a hand here? This is a serious question and one you should be addressing in your own mind if not on here.

the fundemental problem is that u dont understand banana boy. conversations with him are serious for the first 2 posts, then he loses attention and ends up rambling. the key is to ramble with him. guide each other.
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