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« on: September 30, 2006, 01:14:10 PM »
Here's a bunch of cool google products, that you may not be using.  I use most of these, so I figured I'd share them....

Google Calendar
The best online calendar tool you'll find.

Google Trends
Lets you see the relative popularity of search terms.  It's a cool way to gauge public interest in various topics.  For example, democrats vs. republicans

Google Music Trends
Google trends for music.  It's not that great right now since its dependent on people using Google Talk, but it ranks the relative listening of songs by genre and country.

Google Talk
Google's version of instant messenging.  It's downfall is a limited userbase, but its upside is a technically superior design.  It's lightweight (loads fast, doesnt hog resources), and integrates with gmail.  You can use it to call you friends, and even leave voicemails in your friends Gmail inbox.

Google Earth
This sort of speaks for itself.  It's basically the sickest mapping program in existence.  In years past access to this type of program would have cost over 10k.  Google gives it away for free.  In the future, you'll see this integrated into cars replacing most current GPS systems.  Google and Vovlo are working on that right now. 

Google Picasa
Photo organizing software.  If you have tons of photos on your computer its worth installing.  It also lets you upload and share your photos to the web.  They give you 250mb of space for sharing photos.

Microsoft Word on the web. 

Google Reader
An online feed reader. 

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