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a very odd conversation about nothing
« on: June 24, 2002, 11:27:10 AM »

exzit tried to find out about something.. umm... i tried to wind him up.. and rud did.. um.. it got confusing.. and nothing really happened.. here's my bit..

ohh yeah.. part way through me&rud decided to tell him that wcc was being sold to someone...

[22:54] <ExZit-Cow> Rud says that there have to be some changes  :/

[22:55] <BattleCat> ohh
[22:55] <BattleCat> what changes
[22:55] <BattleCat> ?
[22:56] <ExZit-Cow> he said that we must avoid mistakes..
[22:56] <BattleCat> ohh yeah fo sho
[23:03] <BattleCat> but what changes man?
[23:03] <BattleCat> did he say?
[23:04] <BattleCat> cmonnnnnnn
[23:04] <BattleCat> ;/
[23:04] * BattleCat is confused
[23:04] <ExZit-Cow> ohh
[23:05] <BattleCat> ?!?!
[23:06] <ExZit-Cow> he says:
[23:07] <ExZit-Cow> that we need new dates
[23:07] <BattleCat> ohhh
[23:08] <BattleCat> fo real
[23:08] <BattleCat> i though the date we had was good
[23:08] <BattleCat> *thought
[23:08] <BattleCat> damn
[23:08] <BattleCat> :/
[23:08] <BattleCat> grr
[23:08] <BattleCat> i gotta sort this shit out now
[23:09] <BattleCat> fuckin rud
[23:09] <ExZit-Cow> ohh.. Wizz wannts new dates too  :/
[23:10] <BattleCat> dayum
[23:10] <BattleCat> every wants to change shit
[23:10] <BattleCat> i was happy with it
[23:10] <BattleCat> they twats, fuck em
[23:10] <BattleCat> i cant be arsed
[23:10] <ExZit-Cow> lol
[23:11] <BattleCat> hahhaa
[23:11] <ExZit-Cow> u dont want any changes huh?
[23:12] <BattleCat> well i dont really mind
[23:12] <BattleCat> but i dont see the problem
[23:12] <ExZit-Cow> u dont? why?
[23:12] <BattleCat> well there aint shit wrong with how it is
[23:13] <BattleCat> i mean.. they moving shit forwards or back?
[23:14] <ExZit-Cow> im a little confused too.. dont really know... i think forward
[23:15] <BattleCat> forward :o
[23:15] <BattleCat> damn
[23:15] <BattleCat> but people wont have time to adjust
[23:15] <BattleCat> it might piss users off :/
[23:16] <BattleCat> u know whut wcc peeps are like about change
[23:16] <ExZit-Cow> naw..
[23:16] <BattleCat> well if its still gonna be called wcc...
[23:17] <BattleCat> after u know what
[23:18] <BattleCat> shit might just be merged or something
[23:19] <ExZit-Cow> maybe  :/
[23:19] <BattleCat> depends i guess on the arrangements
[23:19] <BattleCat> or how they wanna handle it
[23:20] <ExZit-Cow> yea
[23:20] <BattleCat> i think it might be called UWF
[23:20] <ExZit-Cow> ohhh..
[23:20] <ExZit-Cow> what does it stand for?
[23:21] <BattleCat> u think UWF?
[23:21] <ExZit-Cow> hmm.. i think its aight
[23:21] <BattleCat> u know UWF yeah?
[23:21] <BattleCat> i mean really UWF
[23:22] <ExZit-Cow> lol, not really  :/
[23:22] <BattleCat> yeah but UWF
[23:22] <BattleCat> U WERE FOOLED
[23:22] <BattleCat> hahhaahahaaha
[23:22] <ExZit-Cow> LoL
[23:22] <ExZit-Cow> Naww... u wgere!
[23:23] <BattleCat> haha
[23:23] <BattleCat> course i wusnt ;)
[23:23] <ExZit-Cow> haha
[23:23] <ExZit-Cow> LoL
[23:23] <BattleCat> we been trying to fool each other ;)
[23:23] <ExZit-Cow> Rud is trippin  :/ lol
[23:23] <BattleCat> hahahaha
[23:23] <BattleCat> no he aint


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Re: a very odd conversation about nothing
« Reply #1 on: June 24, 2002, 11:35:13 AM »
ExZit's chat with Rud, at the same time as the BC/exZit convo

<ExZit-Cow> what changes ya want?
<ExZit-Cow> YO
<ExZit-Cow> holla
<Rud1> lol!
<Rud1> i want a exzit banning
<ExZit-Cow> haha.. naw.. what about the "project"?
<Rud1> :P lol
<Rud1> mid ur bidness!
<ExZit-Cow> are they moving shit back or forwrd?
<Rud1> umm theres crazy shit happenun
<ExZit-Cow> u think the dates are OK?
<Rud1> dunno atm
<ExZit-Cow> YO..
<Rud1> :D
<ExZit-Cow> is it still gonna be called wcc?
<Rud1> maybe, maybe not
<ExZit-Cow> ohh ok
<ExZit-Cow> UWF?
<Rud1> yea
<ExZit-Cow> that will be amaaaaizing!
<Rud1> haha :P

ExZit tried to fool Rud the last seconds.. when i said it will be "amazzing".. but it was too late   ;)

mean while:  this was about 23.09..  Wizz starts a chat with ExZit

<^[WizZ]^> i agree man change's would be good
<ExZit-Cow> lol
<^[WizZ]^> what date sounds good 2 you tho?
<ExZit-Cow> hmm..
<ExZit-Cow> i dont really know man
<^[WizZ]^> nor do i
<^[WizZ]^> i havent a clu what im talkin about either
<ExZit-Cow> hahahahahh

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