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Re: Americans - who has served in the military?
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The only branch I would join is the airforce. Its my only area of interest. I'm not going to throw all that conservative patriotic bullshit at you because I would just use the airforce to get a good career out of it and i like to I would like to work on advanced propulsion systems and all that good shit up in Edwards AFB in LA. As for Kains ignorant reply about bums joining. Some people don't have mommy and daddy wiping there ass for them and the only way they can make it is the military.People have no idea what life is until they have to fend for themselves. It takes a man to get somewhere in life on your own and without financial help from mommy and daddy. I have more respect for people that can handle shit on there own more than people who have life handed to them. I can't even go to school because everybody I know has bad credit and can't co-sign a reasonable loan without me having to stuggle with a fulltime job to pay tuition while going to school. I have had to fend for myself since I was able to work. My parents don't let me borrow money but I let them borrow money..Especially at 21. What you know about that son.

Damn homie, I feel ya. Only 20 and already 20 grand in debt and rising my man, thats me. Hopefully the study gonna land me a Don made vocation.