Author Topic: yo check this out a former source employee sucked 50's dick  (Read 214 times)


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yo check this out a former source employee sucked 50's dick
« on: October 19, 2006, 04:40:05 PM »
Cuz hes a muthafuckin P.I.M.P.

Day four of The Source sexual harassment trial kicked off this week with talks of an alleged sexual affair between 50 Cent and former Source editor-in-chief Kim Osorio.

Osorio was back on the stand today (October 16) to continue her testimony from last week, saying that the humiliation she allegedly suffered at the hands of Raymond "Benzino" Scott, former co-owner of The Source, went on long after her employment for the magazine ended.

Months after being terminated, Osorio landed her current position as executive editor of music at She testified that she and her superior were on a boat in Miami to interview Murder Inc's Irv Gotti when they ran into Benzino and fellow former Source co-owner David Mays.

"Ray stepped in front of me and said, 'What up?'" Osorio testified. Then she said security stepped in and said something to Benzino.

"He started yelling, 'We can take this off the boat!'" the plaintiff recalled. "He said, 'Get her the fuck off the boat!'"

Osorio said she was then forced to leave the boat and was unable to do her job.

It was a hard-earned testimony for the plaintiff, as Judge Jed S. Rakoff admonished the plaintiff's counsel several times about asking leading questions.

Former Source vice president of content and communications Tracii McGregor was also on the stand this morning. McGregor testified that she had concerns about Osorio's reputation and she brought them to Mays.

"There were rumors swirling that Kim had affairs with various rappers," McGregor said.

Those rumors were exposed in a live broadcast on NY radio station Hot 97 when Osorio was being interviewed by correspondent Sway. "He asked her about giving 50 Cent 'brain,' live on the air," McGregor said.

McGregor also testified that she was made aware that 50 Cent wrote a song alluding to his escapades with Osorio, though she admitted to never having heard it. Throughout McGregor's testimony Judge Rakoff continually warned her about editorializing, rather than simply answering the question.

At one point, the jury was even led out of the courtroom and Judge Rakoff threatened to fine McGregor $10,000 if she continued to go beyond the scope of questioning with "superfluous" answers.

"In 10 years on the bench, I've never had a witness who so repeatedly and willfully violated the court's [directions]," Rakoff said, adding that the plaintiff's counsel didn't help by asking so many poor questions.

But McGregor was able to speak to Benzino's claim that the only reason Osorio submitted a written complaint of discrimination was for fear of losing her job. McGregor testified that Osorio called her one evening, after McGregor had already left the company, asking for advice. McGregor said Osorio heard she was going to be terminated and she wanted to know how McGregor's parting ways with the company was handled.

According to McGregor, Osorio asked about severance pay specifically. "[Osorio] said, 'I'm not trying to leave. I'm not trying to be outta here,'" McGregor testified. "I told her to pack up her things anyway because I had to sneak back in to get my things."

Stay tuned for more of SOHH's exclusive coverage of The Source sexual harassment trial as it develops.



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Re: yo check this out a former source employee sucked 50's dick
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get a life

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Re: yo check this out a former source employee sucked 50's dick
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ahaha I love the title, yo check this out