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Stupid Design
« on: December 03, 2006, 10:48:24 AM »
This is fuckin awesome

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Re: Stupid Design
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haha. ouch. allah will be furious about this


Re: Stupid Design
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That was simply magnificent.

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Re: Stupid Design
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He's got a lot of good points; but at the same time confirms a lot he doesn't want to. As he explains how amazingly difficult it is for any life to exist outside of our planet; and how we have all these poisonous gases, but we have the right levels of them that makes it so we don't die. As he clearly states over something like 75% of birth defects they do not know how they are caused, uh ok so that means no there's no god? He also confirms that the world will end; and through cataclysmic causes; as though the universe were being folded? Hmm sounds a lot like one way expanding universe ending. I also love how he attacks the man who was the head of the Human Genome Project with the waterfall comment, Francis S. Collins; check his book out "The Language of God"; he was an atheist but through actually learning how to clone people and how our DNA is coded; which is insanely precise, he now has a firm belief in a god. He does the math on the chances of human life coming from a random big bang followed by evolution and it's completely ridiculous. Science can prove god, but it cannot disprove him because every system it identifies shows the work of a creator. Allah existing isn't that crazy.
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