Author Topic: PG's critisism of a College English professor  (Read 122 times)

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PG's critisism of a College English professor
« on: June 18, 2002, 03:06:45 AM »
In this land of dichotomies and disunited opposites, there are still those truly concerned with the intellectual reserection of the minds of todays generation.  A generation of youth whose minds have laid dormant in the idiodacy of Beevis and Butthead or the moral retardation permeating in the wanton material excesses of a Clueless episode, have had to eternally deal with arrogant-minded college teaching intellectuals who have become their own opposites.

The gulf between the audacious, bootlicking, snot nosed teachers pet, and the student who places his own moral and intellectual foundation ahead of the appeasement of his teacher, has become large enough to serve as the educational vacumb powerful enough to eliminate all signs of generational integrity.

Too often the Ofay Watchers of society, have come under the attack of an unrelenting opposition to the efforts of solemn, dedicated men, who have undertaken the enormous task of rejuvenating and reclaiming the shattered psyches of the youth culture.

The teachers ugly insistence on siding with intellectual codes of the Western Power stucture of Freemasons, leaves most students alienated and disenfranchised from his call to assimilation, will find themselves mentally dead before their blood even has time to clot and cool.  

It may be that the teacher finds it easier to join forces with an enemy in power, allowing oneself to look down upon those struggling to find their footing in the quicksand, and not offer them a rope of help but rather stomp their feet against their heads, and calling them angry supermasculine menails, devils afraid to conform with the winning team.

His thoughts may be at times masked in camoflauge, or a perfumed prose, with words carefully hidden, but his big eyes still peak from behind the curtain, with his pupils dialated from the telling of lies.

As soon as weakness is exposed amongst the team he aligns himself with, he is quick to show sympathy and remark to the other side, "I was there with you all along," but his mindstate goes unchanged.  And it is within the confines of his brain, the existing thought pattern that lies dormant between his right and left ear, that goes unchanged, never to be altered.  For his whole history and identity is at stake, and the effects of turning one's back to it would be far too great of a burden to bear.  So we give him free pass on ignorance, patiently taking sustenance knowing that he will soon be exposed, and have to change sides once more.

There will be those that close their eyes, and plug their ears with their forefingers, and later swear upon their Holy Bibles to have seen no evil and heard no evil.  

Eldridge Cleaver

In America, the Jews (in power) sap the very life-blood of the so-called Negroes to maintain the state of Isrea