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A few days ago i visited Majdanek..

i got to tell you all, the place was really creepy. there were black crows flying around, and it's funny because you see them nowhere in Poland, then theres a huge murder of them at the concentration camp. As soon as you get on the grounds you feel the death that happen.

Anyway both me and my girl were pretty moved by the camp, and it's hard to imagine the amount of pain and anguish those people had to go through. Packing a room full of people like sardines and dropping gas through the roof, and a guard watching the people die slow through the door.

There is no snow in Poland now, so it's not even as cold as it could be; but it is still freezing! the peeps at the camps were given no heating, no blankets nothing, so if you didnt die from hunger or sickness, you die from cold or being over worked. Then ofcourse there were the gas chambers.

My grandma was tellin me she visited the camp when the war ended, so the smells, the blood the hair was all still there, she said she was traumatized by what happen and remembers the sights clearly to this day.

She also said the smell from the burning corpses, human fat and hair and all that could stink out the whole city.

So i dont know, i think some of you all should think a little before saying some stupid jokes about gas chambers or burning jews/prisoners of war.

Truly a dark time that shouldn' be forgotten.

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Re: Majdanek.
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honestly thats terrible and i in no way want to undermine the traumatic experience hundreds of thousands went thru, but i wish nik's grandpa payed a visit in 42' so we wouldn't have to worry about his spoiled ass and all the homo nut rider talk