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Jesus Camp - Full Documentary
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From wikipedia: Jesus Camp is a documentary about the "Kids On Fire" summer camp, located just outside Devils Lake, North Dakota and run by Becky Fischer and her ministry, Kids in Ministry International. The film focuses on three children who attended the camp in the summer of 2005--Levi, Rachael, and Victoria (Tory). The film cuts between footage of the camp and a children's prayer conference held just prior to the camp at Christ Triumphant Church, a large charismatic church in Lee's Summit, Missouri; a suburb of Kansas City.

All three children, despite their youth, are very devout charismatic Christians. Levi, who has ambitions of being a pastor, has already preached several sermons at his suburban Kansas City church. Early in the film, he is watching a cartoon that preaches that Earth is 6,000 years old. He is homeschooled, and learns physical science from a book that attempts to reconcile the creationist account with scientific principles. He preaches a sermon at the camp in which he declares that his generation is key to Jesus's coming back. Rachael is seen approaching a woman and offering her a Christian tract and telling her that God has a special plan for her. She is disdainful of non-charismatic churches, feeling that they aren't "churches that God likes to go to." Tory frequently dances to Christian heavy metal music, and feels uncomfortable about "dancing for the flesh."

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Re: Jesus Camp - Full Documentary
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I rented this movie this past week..crazy.