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CREDITS: Psychoward -
« on: February 16, 2007, 11:40:17 PM »
1997 | D.E.O. Recordings

Pyschoward: B-Style, MAC (before No Limit), Chill, Stress, Brainstorm
featuring: Coola, Paul J., Karamello, One-Eye-Willie

1. Intro
[E.F. Cuttin, B-Style, Blaknificent]

2. Psycho Ward Muhphukas, Part I
[Rajsmoove, Coola, Stress, One-Eye-Willie, Mac, King Solemn-One, Chill]

3. Abuse
[E.F. Cuttin, Coola]

4. Rockslangas
[E.F. Cuttin, Blaknificent, Rajsmoove, Brainstorm, Karamello, Mac]

5. Wild Pitch
[E.F. Cuttin, Paul J.]

6. Fo Really
[E.F. Cuttin, Stress, Karamello, B-STyle, Paul J.]

7. Nigga?
[Rajsmoove, Blaknificent, One-Eye-Willie, Black Plague]

8. Psycho War Chant
[Rajsmoove, Chill, Brainstorm, B-Style, Blaknificent, Mac]

9. Psycho Ward Muhphukas, Part II
[Blaknificent, Kool Breeze, Karamello, Paul J. Toppa, Black Plague, Brainstorm, B-Style]

10. Anything Goes
[E.F. Cuttin, Karamello]

11. As The World Turns
[Anon, Stress, B-STyle, Kool Breeze, Coola]

12. Come Into My Life
[E.F. Cuttin, One-Eye-Willie]

13. Who Want It?
[Stress, Brainstorm]

14. 4080
[Rajsmoove, Chill, B-Style, Stress, Coola]

15. Outro
[E.F. Cuttin, B-Style, Rajsmoove]

***Import Contains:***
16. Abuse (Radio Edit)
17. As The World Turns (Radio Edit)

All Tracks Produced By: The Tribunal
Written By: Beaucoup