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Soopafly - Banging Westcoast - 2007
« on: February 21, 2007, 06:56:00 AM »
My first review in awhile but need to because this album is HOT.

I had high hopes for this album because Soopafly’s first album Dat Whoopty Woop is one of my favorite DPG releases.  Soopafly’s beats and rhymes have evolved.  His rhymes are especially tight this time around.  He has really grown into a great lyrical talent.  His beats are as usual hot but his lyrics are what surprised me on this release.  Below I review each track:

1.  That Way – Great way to start the album.  Amazing energy by Soopafly who chronicles his life and career.  Very honest about his decisions and the way he thought back in the day.  Lyrically this song is tight.  Beat is off the hook with a dark feel and the chorus fits perfectly.  5/5.

2.  Crazy – This beat reminds me of 1998-2001 era of DPG beats.  Hard hitting and at the same time has that party feel.  The only thing I don’t like is that it seems a bit sloopy with the backround noise, almost like it was not mixed properly.  Probably not Soopa’s fault, but it does take away from the song a bit.  I like the cut aways with snippets of other songs and sayings.  Then when the beat comes back in you instantly got your head nodding.  4.5/5.

3.  Ready f/Daz Dillinger, Kurupt – Another track that has that 1998-2001 era feel.  Beat is dark and hard hitting and all DPG members have a great chemistry together.  The chorus is a hot with each member taking a turn after they spit their verses.  All DPG members drop heat as far as verses go, I think Kurupt steals the show but Soopa and Daz also sound hot.  5/5.

4.  Bangin’ West Coast – This track has been around for awhile now and I’ve always liked it.  A bit of a throwback beat from Soopafly here.  Lyrics are hot and Soopa’s flow is perfect in this song.  Your standard westcoast dedication/anthem track.  I wish the chorus was a bit better but still a nice track.  4/5.

5.  Getcha Paper – A different type of beat here.  Not sure if Soopafly did this or not because it doesn’t sound like your typical Soopa beat.  It’s very simple and repeating.  Soopafly again spits heat but the beat is boring and drags the song down a bit.  It’s too repeating and seems like it’s missing something.  The chorus saves the song a bit but def. the weakest track so far.  3/5.

6.  Say It Again – This track reminds me of tracks that were on Dat Whoopty Woop.  I think it could fit on that album and not be out of place.  The beat is nice but again suffers from mixing.  Soopafly drops heat and the chorus is addictive and will get you singing along by the end of the song.  Flow and delivery is where Soopafly excels and this song proves it.  4/5.

7.  Wrong Move – Not really feeling this beat.  The claps are annoying.  While Soopafly does ride the beat nicely, I just am not feeling the beat at all.  Soopafly again spits nice lines but I can’t listen to this repeatedly because the beat is annoying.  The chorus is also equally weak.  2/5.

8.  Tha Turnaround f/B-Real – This beat reminds me of Timbaland for some reason.  Has an old school feel and is def. party sounding.  Soopafly KILLS both his verses on the track.  His lyrics are hot as hell.  Chorus is alright, nothing special (this is a reoccurring theme on the album as almost all chorus are weak or very simple).  B-Real also drops a dope verse and gets me eagerly anticipating his solo album.  4.5/5.

9.  Bacc It Up f/Daz Dillinger, Kurupt, Damani – This song really suffers from mixing problems and it brings the song way down.  The sound quality is lower than all the other songs.  I don’t like the beat anyway.  Almost sounds like a weak ass Jellyroll beat from 2003.  The chorus sucks and is very annoying (I’m not into that whole slowing down of voices and shit).  Daz drops a average verse while Kurupt and Damani drop decent verses, but this is a skippable track.  Maybe if the track is mixed properly it would sound better but I highly doubt it.  1/5.

10.  Number 1 f/Snoop Dogg, Nate Dogg, Daz Dillinger – I love the intro (reminiscent of old DPG releases).  The beat is extra hot and Nate Dogg sounds fantastic on the beat (Akon who??).  Snoop Dogg drops a nice verse as well as Daz Dillinger.  Def. not a “gangsta” song but I like these “love” songs every once in awhile.  I should mention that this song also suffers a bit from crappy sound.  It seems a bit low and verses are hurt by drums in parts.  But it really doesn’t take away from the song too much.  4.5/5.

11.  Talented f/Snoop Dogg – This song reminds me of Can I Git Bucc off Dat Whoopty Woop album.  I wasn’t feeling the beat at first but it sure grew on me over multiple listens.  Love the chorus and the Sweet Sweet in the backround the whole track.  Soopafly drops a couple tight verses.  A song I can see playing in a strip club when a fine ass lady is doing her thing.  Snoop appears on the last verse and also drops a tight little verse.  4.5/5

12.  All 4 U – Another “gangsta love” song.  I like the beat, simple but effective.  Soopafly flows perfectly over this one.  Soopafly just has some typical pimp raps but I like that.  Gets my head nodding as the beat keeps going and the chorus is tight (sounds like LaToyia Williams to me, but I could be wrong).  3.5/5.

13.  Smac Yo Ass – One of my favorites on the whole album.  I think this is a Battlecat production though.  Has Battlecat all over it.  Very laid back and smooth.  Love the chorus and the backround vocals.  Sooapfly adds some funny verses with perfect delivery and lyrical tightness.  Def. a track I will re-listen to over and over.  5/5.

14.  Shudna Broughter Round – This track is funky.  Has that 70’s theme feel to it.  Great lines in this one, such as the first one in the song.  I love the breaks in the beat, it adds to Soopa’s delivery and lyrics.  The theme of this song is funny and will have you laughing at parts.  3.5/5.

15.  Come With Me – I’ve heard this beat before.  I believe Snoop used it a few years ago and was a leftover from R&G.  I’ve always loved the beat and chorus of the song.  Soopafly does nicely with it but I think Snoop’s version was better.  I don’t think Soopafly produced this track either.  I want to say Mr. Porter or maybe Jellyroll but def. not Soopafly.  Like I said I like Soopafly over the beat but I think his flow is off a bit.  Snoop’s flow was way better over the beat.  3.5/5.

16.  Western Conference f/Daz Dillinger, Kurupt – Track that was obviously recorded during Snoop’s western conference.  I like the beat, hard hitting and anthem feeling.  Soopafly and Daz Dillinger spit hot verses but Kurupt steals the show with a dope as verse.  The chorus had me singing along by the end of the song and bouncing all over my car.  A great way to end the album.  4.5/5.

Overall I feel this album is HOT.  I’d give it a A- overall with only 1-2 tracks that are not good.  The rest of the album is either dope or hot.  I really hope that this comes out other than through download through Daz’s myspace because it deserves a lot more than that.  But that seems like Soopafly’s luck.  A great sophomore effort that holds it’s own to Dat Whoopty Woop.  Go cop this shit.
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Re: Soopafly - Banging Westcoast - 2007
« Reply #1 on: February 21, 2007, 07:43:57 AM »
+1, you sound like a veteran with the reviews. I liked the album also but mixing did bring down some of the tracks. Overall a very dope album.


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Re: Soopafly - Banging Westcoast - 2007
« Reply #2 on: March 30, 2007, 08:53:02 AM »
I need to get this! >:(


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Re: Soopafly - Banging Westcoast - 2007
« Reply #3 on: March 31, 2007, 03:20:21 AM »
I need to get this! >:(

me too if they only would drop it on cd


Re: Soopafly - Banging Westcoast - 2007
« Reply #4 on: March 31, 2007, 04:05:11 AM »
Dope review 8) "Ready" is sooooooo fuckin dope...

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Re: Soopafly - Banging Westcoast - 2007
« Reply #5 on: April 17, 2007, 05:38:20 PM »
 a 1 out of 5 rate its a okay album better than zero
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Re: Soopafly - Banging Westcoast - 2007
« Reply #6 on: May 18, 2008, 11:23:41 AM »
I liked only That Way and Ready featuring DAZ & KURUPT.