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and says he's bringing back that New York vibe.  Here's the interview:

Styles P
The Situation

After nearly a decade in hip-hop, Styles has endured his share of trials and tribulations. From shiny suits to jail time to rap beef to a major road-rage incident, there isnít much the Ghost hasnít dealt with.

Over the course of his nine-year rap career, Styles P has enjoyed getting a level of respect from fellow MCs and fans of hardcore rap alike that some rappers can only dream of. His solo debut, the gold-selling A Gangster & a Gentleman, is a certified hood classic, and as a member of the lyrically revered Lox, Styles has proven himself to be a force in hip-hop.

Yet major solo commercial success has somehow always eluded the Yonkers native, a fate not uncommon to artists who prioritize credibility above radio and club spins.

The past year has been an interesting one for Styles P. He had public beefs with artists such as 50 Cent and Diddy and struggled to drop his second album, Time Is Money. He parted ways with his label of five years, Interscope Records, and most recently was involved in a major road-rage incident where he suffered a broken leg. recently got the lowdown from the Ghost about his run-in with an 18-wheeler, his current label situation and the game plan for his solo career.

Howís your leg holding up?
Itís coming along.

So whatís the story behind that whole situation?
An unfortunate incident. What happens in regular life. He almost killed me at an intersection. He cut me off and had me swerving and all that. I asked him whatís up through the window. He gave me the finger and shrugged. I got frustrated and got out and threw napkins at his grill, and he ran my Black ass over. Basically, donít ever, ever get out of your car when youíre arguing with somebody.

You seem like youíve mellowed out somewhat in recent years, so it was a surprise to hear about the incident.
Yeah, but if you get cut off by a tractor trailer and you ask the person whatís up and he starts shrugging and giving you the finger and all of thatÖ I mean, I did have baseball bats and everything in the car, but I didnít get out and try to do nothing crazy. I was frustrated, and I had a box of tissue in my hand, so you know, shit happens. Iíve definitely tried to remain cool the past couple of years, but itís another lesson to live and learn from my brother. To all the people out there, do not get out of your car. Take a breather. Do something. To tell you the truth, Iím just happy to be able to walk again. Iím fortunate that Iím not dead, because a lot of people wouldnít have came up out of that.

Word is that youíre no longer signed to Interscope. Is that true?
Iím a free agent. Iím no longer on Interscope, and Iím no longer on Ruff Ryders as a soloist. Iím still there with the Lox, though, on Interscope and Ruff Ryders.

Howíd you get out of your deal?
They let me out of my deal. Basically, I went and spoke to Dee [of Ruff Ryders] and Jimmy [Iovine, Chairman of Interscope Geffen A&M Records], and to cut a long story short, I explained to them the situation I was in. I put a lot of music out, and I understand how their machine works. Itís a big machine over there, and they have a lot of huge artists. Iíve been in the game a long time, and I just wanted to start making some money. I feel [like], the kind of artist I am, that I need to be able to spread my wings and do different kinds of things. I think they understood that I was frustrated, but itís a business. So at the end of the day, we worked something out, and here I am.

Do you have any idea where youíd like to sign as a soloist?

Definitely independent. Whatever I do will be 110 percent independent. Iím not sure which one yet. Weíre still having talks and waiting to see which one sounds the best. Whoever will be behind me the most and willing to work with me. That means a lot to me.

How many albums do the Lox owe Interscope?
Probably like three or four.

When can we expect to see that next one?
Definitely this year. Weíve already been in the studio working on it. I think they just did a song last night, and I just have to put my part on it. We have to handle the political part, like releases and all that, but definitely this year.

Most people seem to enjoy your new album, Time Is Money, but think itís too shortÖ

Definitely, and Iím sorry that happened. I apologize, but itís short due to the fact that I knew what my situation was gonna be. Plus, a thing called song cap. I didnít think the album was gonna sell a lot and be successful, so after 12 tracks, when songs have samples and stuff, that comes out of me. I have to pay for it, and I didnít want to be too much in the hole, you feel me? Then as far as the dated songs, Iíve been trying to get this album out for three and half years. I had to put it out though, and I knew that was gonna be the response. Actually, I thought there were gonna be more complaints, but then people were supporting it and saying itís an alright album.

I feel the same way, because you have to understand that I make music as a fan, too. I wasnít even moved too much. I wanted more new, fresh stuff. But with the time I had to put it out, and then you have to clear songs and go back and do this and do that, I just couldnít afford to push it back any further. But tell them the new one will be out around March or April.

A new solo?
Yeah, a new solo. Iím already back in the lab. So for those people that happened to, payback is coming. I work fast, man. I wouldnít say itís done, because after the release, I wanted to do all new music. I might put a song or two I had, but right now I have about eight songs done. So from the end of February, when I get out of this joint, to March, Iíll probably do around 30 songs and just choose from there and go.

Does this new project have a title yet?
I ainít name it yet. Ask me in like two weeks. Iím sitting here busting my brain, smoking like a muthafucka, thinking of a name. Iím gonna be messing with Pete Rock, Premo, Vinny Idol, Dame Grease. Itís gonna be a real East Coast Dungeon sound.

You recently said in a rhyme on Testify that, if you could vote for president, it would be for Al Sharpton. But youíve also expressed distrust for the system. Do you really have any faith in any of our elected officials and the promises they make?

I feel like thereís a government, and then thereís a government that runs the government, and we donít know nothing about that, so how much power can you ever really have? If they can jerk the votes and a presidency can be rigged, then how much power can you have? Thatís just my personal opinion. But if a guy comes in office and never before have you had this problem with voting, then that should be a big problem in this country. Which it was. Then the towers went down, and everybody forgot about it. We went after Bin Laden, never caught Bin Laden, and then it was almost voting time again, and then we had beef with Saddam.

I expressed that about Sharpton because heís one of the people I seen in the streets. When you see the kid in Queens shot 50 times and you see Sharpton showing up, heís one of the people I see there, so I gotta respect him for that.

He catches a lot of flak, though, even in the Black community. Some people label him an ambulance chaser and a media whore.

Until I see other people on the scene, Iím not gonna knock him, because at least heís on the scene. Maybe he is doing some of it to help himself politically, but how is that different from any other political person? At least heís near the families, on the scene. To tell you the truth, sometimes I pay attention to politics and sometimes I donít, because itís so blatant, in your face, and then itís like you donít see whatís going on. Theyíre gonna do what they want to do, anyway. Theyíre still sentencing us the same. All the sentences for our people are wrong. The justice system isnít even equal for us.

Whatís your biggest regret in your career?

I donít know, because your mistakes of your past are what makes you the man you are today. Musically, I wish I wouldíve come into the music business knowing more about the business. I wish I wouldíve come in bookwise, if anything. But you know what, if I wouldíve spent all my time on that, I might not have been the MC I was. And then where I came from and where I live, that was kind of a difficult thing. You donít even really see yourself making it. So youíre really trying to work on that before you think, ďLet me go get some books and learn the ins and outs of publishing and marketing and album placement.Ē You donít know that shit coming in as a teenager. And itís not like I came from suburbia land either.


Another Styles P album in March or April. If that does really happen, thats another album on my wanted list. And if he gets some Primo on there that shit is gonna be bangin'. Hope it comes out at that time but i doubt it.

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How many albums do the Lox owe Interscope?
Probably like three or four.

LOL,  wow....  Their last 3 will be slumpers.  It will be like 2012 by then and they will have fallen off.


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Iím gonna be messing with Pete Rock, Premo, Vinny Idol, Dame Grease. Itís gonna be a real East Coast Dungeon sound.

If true then  8)

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Do you have any idea where you’d like to sign as a soloist?
Definitely independent. Whatever I do will be 110 percent independent. I’m not sure which one yet. We’re still having talks and waiting to see which one sounds the best. Whoever will be behind me the most and willing to work with me. That means a lot to me.

I thought he already signed to Koch?
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Iím gonna be messing with Pete Rock, Premo, Vinny Idol, Dame Grease. Itís gonna be a real East Coast Dungeon sound.

If true then  8)
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and ya don't stop


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Al Sharpton for president, Styles is wilin'.

He still owes albums? Shit. So we'll be gettin' 3 or 4 more Lox projects? I always been thinkin' they done wit. Figured they was just srtictly D Block. I could of swearn I heard from one of 'em they over. ???