Author Topic: Prodigy's The Pre Mac Mixtape Featuring The Alchemist  (Read 35 times)


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Prodigy's The Pre Mac Mixtape Featuring The Alchemist
« on: April 02, 2007, 11:13:46 AM »
Yo, Ok, Word, I had to make this CD for a family member last night and I was making it right, didn't think nuthin' of it, just doin' what I was doin' and while I was downloading it for him, he goes 'You don't like Prodigy?' and I was like 'Ahh, ya know, I don't follow him'. I mean the last time I listened to Mobb Deep on a complete rotation was fuckin' 'Murda Muzik' I think so anyways while I was burunin' it some tracks wouldn't burn, don't know why, but I was like fuck it I'll keep this one and I'll just re burn it.

So, last night I put the shit in the CD player and was shocked as fuck, I don't know maybe I just needed to listen to it or something but fuck, whatever the reason, this mixtape IS HOTTT. I swear on everything. I don't know but ya'll needa check it. The lyrics is crazy, and the beats is just insane. I'm telling ya. Shit is so nice and it even funny.

Straight up, ya'll needa check this!!