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Those wacky New Yorkers
« on: April 04, 2007, 05:13:05 PM »

April 4, 2007 -- The girlfriend of a Long Island man charged with gunning down his parents over the weekend made an odd fashion choice for a fugitive on the run from a double murder.

The corpulent collaborator suspect was arrested wearing a T-shirt depicting the Pillsbury Doughboy, dubbed the Killsbury Doughboy, brandishing an Uzi submachine gun hours after the killings at a grimy Suffolk County motel.

Franklin Gallimore III, 20, and Katherina Galatro, 18, face murder and other counts for the brutal killing of Gallimore's divorced parents, Grace Thorpe, 41, and Franklin Gallimore Jr., 41, in Elmont Sunday evening.

Cops said Gallimore killed his parents because his mother asked him to move out of her home where both he and Galatro were staying.

The pair, police said, were unemployed and had been leeching off of Thorpe's generosity for months.

Gallimore Jr. did not live with Thorpe, but the construction worker had agreed to help her evict their son because of the 20-year-old's history of violent outbursts, cops said.

He had come over Sunday to change the locks, cops said.

When they told their son they wanted him and his girlfriend to move out, the hulking Gallimore III allegedly shot each of his parents once in the head.

He pleaded not guilty to both first- and second-degree murder charges and was held without bail yesterday.

Galatro pleaded not guilty to weapons possession and hindering prosecution raps and had her bail set at $300,000 bond and $100,000 cash.

Both appeared weary and emotionless yesterday as they were transported by police to their court appearance.

Dressed in a blue jail suit and socks, Gallimore III simply glared ahead when asked if he killed his parents.

The contrast could not have been greater between the freeloading son and his mother, who held down a full-time job while going back to college to earn her bachelor's degree.

"He was a 20-year-old who was not living up to his mother's expectations," Detective Lt. Michael Fleming said Monday.

The son was always arguing with his mother over money - and things came to the boiling point Sunday night, cops said.

There was an argument in the kitchen of the modest Cape Cod-style home and Gallimore allegedly pulled out the gun.

A neighbor who heard shots called police and witnesses said they saw a man and woman leave the scene in a black luxury car.

Cops arrested the pair early Monday after spotting their black Mercedes parked outside a seedy Farmingdale motel, police said.

Thorpe's in-law, the Rev. Kenneth Green, said Monday that he and his wife had warned the devoted churchgoer about her troubled son.

"We've been telling her to get an order of protection from him for a long time," Green said.

"She was a beautiful woman. She worked hard in college," he said. "She was a loving mother. Why things turned sour we don't know."



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Re: Those wacky New Yorkers
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That shirt is nice as HELL!!