Author Topic: "'Funk Season' Arrives On May 1st" - K-Aktive (JSteez/Problem/Roccett/Bangloose)  (Read 114 times)


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Dont Sleep On this! 5 Preview tracks!! Heat!

"'Funk Season' Arrives On May 1st" - K-Aktive - April 11, 2007 By : Rud

The long awaited debut album from Inglewood's own K-Aktive hits the streets within weeks, on May 1st.

An artist who has been featured on dubcnn countless times is finally ready to emerge with his first CD and Digital Download product, "Funk Season." After some delay the lead artist and CEO of Put It N My Pocket Entertainment K-Aktive has wrapped up the street album that is being hosted by Compton's own Problem.

With 22 tracks, K-Aktive presents a collection of hood-breaking music featuring some of the best up and coming westcoast artists including Problem, Bangloose, Roccett (Young Jezzy/CTE West), The Bloc Boyz (Blu Division), Kila Krock as well as introducing Put It N My Pocket Entertainment recording artists Brody Bronson and Hogg.

With production being handled by from some of the best beat-makers on the west coast including Dem Jointz, Klassic, Dae One, Disko, J Steez, Tech and Money Miles, "Funk Season" aims to return funk to a new generation of listeners.

We have the tracklist below along with some audio tracks for free download including "If Rap Don't Workout" featuring The Bloc Boyz, this is one release not to be missed this summer. "Funk Season" will be available from May 1, 2007 at CDBaby, Siccness, Mixunit, VIP Records & HipHopWest.

01) The Situtation (Feat. Problem, Brody Bronson And Lu-Dogg) (Produced By Disko)
02)Ride On Up (Produced By Disko)
03) You Don't Know Me (Feat. Bangloose & Dem Joints) (Produced By Dem Joints)
04) Scared Money (Feat.Noni Spitz & Lil Bam) (Produced By Dae One)
05) If Rap Dont Workout (Feat. The Bloc Boyz) (Produced By Tech)
06) On The Grind (Produced By Tech)
07) Dopeman (Feat. Brody Bronson) (Produced By Problem)
08) Hypnotized (The Intermission) (Produced By Dem Joints)
09) Smokin' And Leanin' (Produced By Disko)
10) Respect Me (Feat. Bangloose, Kila Krock & Roccett) (Produced By Dem Joints)
11) The Streets Love Me (Feat. Yg Gott 'Em) (Produced By Disko)
12) Yall Aint Ready (Feat. Marleik) (Produced By Dae One)
13) Music (Hogg Solo) (Produced By Money Miles)
14) I'm A Pimp (Feat. Problem) (Produced By THX)
15) Real Shit (Feat. Duck, Yg Gott'em, Wacc, Problem & Pint) (Produced By Klassic
16) Throw It Up (Feat. Problem & Bangloose) (Tha Damn Pfool Gang) (Produced By Disko)
17) A West Coast Freestyle (Feat. Problem) (Produced By J Steez)
18) The Movement (Feat. Kila Krock) (Produced By Disko)
19) Rollin' (Feat. Marleik) (Produced By Disko)
20) Where The Actions At (Feat. Sequel) (Produced By Money Miles)
21) Funk Season (Feat. Marleik) (Produced By Problem)
22) Standup (Feat. Moe B.) (Produced By J Steez)
23) The Funk Season Experience (Outro) (Produced By Kila Krock)

Stay tuned to the latest on this release and K-Aktive right here on dubcnn. In related news lookout for K-Aktive features with Cashis of Shady Records and with new comer Krucial Styles aka Big White over the coming months. For more information and audio from K-Aktive head over to his official MySpace page.

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I can't wait for this album to drop.. before Dubcnn reported on Aktive with this piece of news I've never listened to any of his shit.. but after listening to these 5 tracks and the one I got from Dae One... this album is a banger!!!

If you guy's haven't checked out these tracks yet I would recommend checking them out!!!


is this a minor release?

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is this a minor release?

As in independent label instead of major label?  Yea this is off of Aktive's own label.  It's his street album.  Shit is a banger!!

For all you Funk fans you should check these tracks out!!