Author Topic: 10.Mobb Squad - We Ain't Askin' newest big thing from Texas!  (Read 136 times)


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A new group from Texas that's gonna make it real big, real soon.. their frontman 80 Proof and their all around talented member John The Baptist are doin' big things out there already, from designing clothes to making music, they can do it all, so with their label, other members and already a line of upcomin' young artist to follow their footsteps in line they got it made already!! Mobb Squad in this moh'fucker!!!

10. Mobb Squad - We Ain't Askin'

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 Whoever wanna download the full mixtape includin' 2 tracks by Mobb Squad, 3 by Al Gator, 1 by Riggs, 1 by Steady Tek-Nick and a whole lotta songs by The rest of the M.U.S.Ic family click the followin' link:

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