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vicious diss 1
« on: May 24, 2007, 10:06:13 PM »
i'll pill yo ass
and kill yo ass
get smoked liked hash
for graspin my cash
ya askin fo a bash
get split in half
like the spliff i have
that bitch u have
has tits and ass
i hitt it from the back
and then threw her in the trash
and then i blew up a sack
this is true infact
the opposite of fake shit
niggas on here is on sum gay shit
test this mc and get hanged quick
fuck wit me get exterminated,terminated
highly hated but underrated
get struck to the pavement
flat on ya anus i'm dangerous
from physical and from my vocab
if u touch me then its yo ass (no homo)
u shoulda learned ur lesson
after spicebitch2kseven
threw him ova the dumbarton
now hes in heaven
or hell, werever he dwells
as long as he aint well
i call mofag squirrel
cuz he on spicebitch nuts
if no one likes this insult, the result
is i dont give a fuck!

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