Author Topic: anyone familiar with older Rawkus Vinyl? mos def, blackstar, pharoahe, etc..  (Read 64 times)

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so im like building up my vinyl collection.. but its been kinda hard to find first print rawkus material..

Like when i initially bought rawkus CD's, they were all the first prints like mos def black on both sides, pharoahe - internal affairs and all that.. and all the barcodes started out something like 492568... so im about to start gettin vinyl geek status :

that 492568 was a common vinyl barcode prefix for Priority records... and of course priority distributed rawkus material, so rawkus also had that 492568 prefix.. ... ive bought a few rawkus vinyls recently, pharoahe monch internal affairs, black on both sides, reflection eternal instrumentals etc.. but they all start out with something like 01617 , or something similar to that.. and it doesnt match the barcodes to the first print cds i have at all..
but i do have a copy of blackstar - repsiration 12" that does have the 492568 barcode prefix... so im wondering, is that the only one that had it? or are the first print LPS with 492568 prefixes actually still out there, somewhere..

can anyone school me up on game??


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I've got a lot of the earlier Rawkus singles on vinyl and a couple of LPs so I'll check it out for you when I go home (where all my vinyl is) next month.

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I'm not sure but maybe the CDs had comepletely different barcodes than the Vinyls, even for the same titles??