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my despair
« on: June 21, 2007, 12:24:45 PM »
It's about damn time!
Get drinking and getting high, let my miserys end my life
I ain't no different than those who stuggle to commit suicide.
You can feel the blood rushin through your vain preventing you to fight.
I can't complain when the society that put me in stress where people would deny me.
They be looking straight at me like infra-red, wishing me dead by lying to me. So, which side are thee?
I don't think i can breathe any more of my despair, memories of a younger playa dont' really care.
I never ask God to bring me here.  All I've seen is my paper flesh crumbling in tears.
As a man suffering of his own confusion, i've been misguided from my own dellusion.
But following my own intuition, i believe my death is my only solution.
I dont' know what i can really expect, when I'm the victim of my own reject,
yet, death disregarded me and hell has no room for me to regret.
Me being persistance of continuing life won't make any difference
of having people to recognize my own exisitance.
With no help from God for assistance,
I kept myself in a distance in an instance. (it's my despair)

As I see the sky crying down here, ( it's my despair.)
As I see the life flying out there,(it's my despair.)
As I breath through the air, (it's my despair)
As I believe people don't care (its' my despair)


It's funny how life treated me like rodney king beating me down in street
and hopefully i let my despair of lessons to bounce back and repeat.
My anger couldn't be buckled up like a car seat,
as I got out of my house, i said fuck the world as I had to express my grief.
What's worst than getting rejected from my hell?
Only through time will tell to see whether I should rebel.
I wonder why people wanna be my friend
when I act certain way that they don't really understand.
It's crazy how people mistrust me, bust me,
but when I do them right everyone loves me.
my situations are getting heavier in weights, but i'm a believer and a fighter...
don't expect me to give up easily, for my heart becomes mightier.
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Re: my despair
« Reply #1 on: June 24, 2007, 04:50:51 AM »
Great song you wrote..... that was way real.. and way deep...

My only critisism would be that the last two lines seemed to be outside of your theme.  I think the mood would have been more affective had you of left the listener/reader in despair.  Still, it's your heart on paper, so say whatever you feel is necassary.

I wish more people were writing like this, cause it takes courage to write like that, and it's more personal.

The best line was when you said... "They looking at me with an infrared eye, wishin me to die, I know because they lie to me".. that was dope.

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