Author Topic: Papoose feat. Snoop Dogg - Bang It Out (produced by Scott Storch, 1st single)  (Read 736 times)


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his voice is not commercial enough..... i dont think it will catch on


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fuck all these bullshit eminem threads that have been happening, snoop is an OG who is the truth, nigga is like 15 years deep in his career and still killing it like its nuttin.....papoose is sick no doubt but snoop outshines nigga easily on this.....beat is nice, nuttin amazing but it does have a westcoast sound to it and like quietruth said, sounds like something game would fit on very good...but snoop kills this....reminds me of the way he was spittin back in 1999 and the way hittman used to spit....snoop still to has the most unique flow and vioce within hiphop...

nice joint by the way, i like the hook and snoops verse....papoose sounds kinda out of place but like someone said, this is a song and that is what is expected from first singles....and pretty much most joints form people who want to make a real name for themselves....papoose just needs to learn how to spit crazy and still make a banger....once he gets it all in the same space it would be great.....that what the greats like snoop and co have done...

papoose is new and has a long way to go but noone can deny nigga got crazy talent...

nice joint but its something more suited to snoop or game than pap


Blu Lacez

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The Track is Not bad!!
I i like it alot

Papoose never heard alot of stuff from him1
but is sounds  real dope on this track!1

Scot storch did a good beat!!
I don't know, perhaps it's just me, but anybody notice how sharper Snoopy's verse is??
it seems that Snoopy's verse has alot more effects on them than Papoose's
Anybody else notice that??

Track is still dope though!! 8)



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I'm feeling this track. Beat sounds familiar, pretty tight but I doubt this will be the jumpoff single. It comes off more like a really good album cut.



songs aiight.. not really gettin my hopes up for the album yet though


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this track is dope man!   8)


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Pretty cool track. I think it'll grow on me even more though. Been looking forward to Pap's album way before this came out though.


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I think it's nice
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I like both emcees but i don't like the song.  pap sounds a bit forced/contrived

props for posting it anyway lol
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haven't heard shit from papoose but i can see this getting a lot of radio play in nyc..good song too


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I can see this getting a lot of radio play in CA, too.