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The content and material displayed in this section is of rumour and gossip, and may not have factual information, but has originated from word around the streets, message boards and connections.

What’s up people, this is Usman (, the man with a plan from the UK back for another week of ‘Mid Week Drama’.
Catch me at Big up to all those that dropped a comment and sent me messages. There are so many fine women on My Space; I can see where the term myspace whore comes from!
This week, does Ne-yo have a child he ain’t paying for?, Plies being a “record label gangster”, Amil working in Macy’s, and Irv Gotti admitting 50 cent caused the downfall of Murder Inc.

1.   Does Ne-Yo have a secret child? According to, Ne-Yo and a production company Stiletto Entertainment have had problems, and Stiletto have made accusations Ne-Yo hasn’t been paying child support, which has resulted in his baby mother being evicted from her home!!

“Ne-Yo is being reported as a deadbeat dad. Close Relatives of the pair are furious saying Ne-yo has abandoned his son. Recently, He stated that he Volunteered to be the father, but still wishes to take on the child as his own… Though there is no proof of this, and the mother of the child Jesseca White chooses to remain silent about the matter.

However Ne-Yo over the past year has spoken so highly of the child "Chimere Smith" but yet as his new album comes out, he chooses to throw the innocent 2 year old out into media, attempting to squash a rumor that has yet to be leaked.

Sources say Jesseca White came home to an Eviction Notice, at the residence the pair once shared in Los Angeles, CA. that was usually taken care of by the R&B star, but Ne-Yo Refuses to Pay, stating on a tape recording that "he wants to do other things with his money".

Reportedly, he wont even send money for Baby Chimere's Food or Diapers, until after their child support case has ended. And her family is angry. Saying "Every time he gets upset with Jesseca, he refuses to pay for things, and it shouldn't be taken out on the child". Jesseca White aka "Jesse" is in the process of working on her solo career as well as being a full time mom, being that Shaffer put stop payment on the babysitters checks. "he's never had to be there more than 4 hours with the baby, that girl works damn hard, and this is not right, he's the one who asked her to have that child regardless, and now he's trying to take the easy road out". says a family relative.

There are also rumors stating this could be a publicity stunt, to cover up the initial reports of Ne-yo being Gay!

2.   My man Marc hit me up the other day, and brought me to the attention of Plies. We all know Plies is doing his thing now, with a record deal and that song with T-Pain, and he looks “g’d up from the feet” with the gangster image. But is he another “record label gangster”?

“I don't want to hate but it seems that Plies (Florida) is claiming he's hard as hell. I swear he isn't. I saw this Murder Dog DVD and they were asking him about his past and he was dodging it. I think he might have been on some sweet as R&B tip years ago, and I remember seeing a picture from about a year ago and he hardly had any ice or tats. Plus usually when someone continues to claim something so hard, they're covering something up. I don't think this is a conspiracy theory... just check it out.”

I’m with Marc on this- Plies isn’t what he is cracking out to be in my opinion. And why would you tattoo yourself up like he has done in the space of a year?

3.   I heard rumors Amil, who was signed to Roc-a-Fella in the 90’s (Jay-Z and Beanie Sigel ‘Do it Again’, ‘Jigga What’) is now working in Macy’s in New York? Rumors also say she is working in a Target store in New Jersey. If anyone wants email me to clear this up! Amil, holla at me! Wow, Jay-Z really fucked her career up!

4.   Word is, Cassie has left Bad Boy Records, as well as Ryan Leslie and his record label. “They [Cassie and Ryan] have been released from Bad Boy. We wish them the best ... but Bad Boy still retains an interest in [Ryan's indie label] NextSelection Lifestyle Group."

Who gives one? She isn’t talented, she can’t sing, so what? Rumors were initially, Ryan Leslie had done Diddy a favor, so Puff’s return was putting Cassie on for one album.

5.   I heard rumors Hoopz (from Flavor of Love) is now a stripper somewhere! God I Hope so. She was hot!! I’m trying to search for this video. She is stripping for Luther Campbell’s (Uncle Lukes) new event ‘Freakfest 2007’.

6 Word is dynamic producer 9th Wonder isn’t feeling the new Kellz album

"I think the R. Kelly album is an abomination of Black people. The zoo song- if that’s not the most ridiculous s**t. It really hurts me that Black people are going around playing that mess. Like one, you know the n***a is going around peeing on little girls, and past that, he is talking about monkeys and trees. If you support that you don’t even deserve to be Black no more. He wants to jump on records with all these young cats, damn T-Pain. He is supposed to lead not follow, and I think that only happens with Black music. That doesn’t happen with White music. Bon Jovi and U2 are going to play their jams that everybody knows, and everyone is going to go home and be happy."

I’m with him on this. Apart from the ‘I’m a Flirt’, the track with Chamillionaire, the record with Keyshia and Polow Da Don, and ‘Same Girl’ featuring Usher, the album is fucking garbage. What happened to R Kelly? Why can’t we see the album at least with the same dedication he put into his hooks on ‘Go Getta’ and ‘That’s That’??

7. Irv Gotti is admitting the way they ignored 50 cent when he started, caused the downfall of their empire. Check what he had to say in the new King Magazine,

KING-How long did you get to enjoy the success of Murder Inc. before the 50 Cent and federal government drama stopped the flow?
IRV GOTTI-A couple of years. Like a three-, four-year run, then the hate came. I don't want to talk about homeboy too much, but I will say that the hate from 50 came from pure jealousy. We were on Jamaica Avenue (in Queens, New York) shooting the"Murder 4 Life" video, and I had the real O.G.s out there-Supreme, Slim-and they all giving us love. (Later, at a Queens nightclub,) 50 came up to Rule to give him a pound. I don't know if Rule gave him a pound or not, but that's the incident where he says, "Yo, I was with the guy who robbed Rule." Get the fuck outta here, yo. So that's why when you hear 50 talking about, "Yo, he seen me with..." *****, we wasn't thinking about you. Who the fuck are you? You're just a meaningless face. Now, that face turned into the biggest rapper in the world; that's just our luck. This is honest-to-God shit. That's why when me and Rule think about the beef, we are like, "Maybe we should have just given him a hug."

8. I like this video, always liked the song, great concept! R Kelly and Usher ‘Same Girl’

9. Haha, this is funny as hell. Apparently, peeps saw Busta Rhymes and his entourage in a club in NYC, and he looked depressed.
Apparently the rapper acted miserable around his entourage, and only spoke to his bodyguard from what I heard. He stood in the corner, and when the watress bought a bottle of Cristal (I thought all rappers boycotted that shit?), he ordered her to take it back, and demanded that he wasn’t paying for it. He occupied his time by mouthing the words to his songs, which the DJ played.
What an idiot! This guy is a joke now, after ‘The Genesis’, this guy fell off.

10. Check the pictures for the new Kanye West video ‘Stronger’. I like the song, he samples Daft Punk and it stretches the boundaries. This album will be the biggest within the past 5 years!


Jay-Z 'Feelin It'

 God I love this record, why can’t Jay-Z make music like this anymore? One of the greatest hip hop records! “"If every n*gga in your clique is rich, your clique is rugged/No one will fall, cause everyone would be each others crutches”

If you have any rumors or anything you have heard from the next dude, email me at We will shout you out, and if you want drop in a picture.

 This is a sign off, catch me next week. Hit me up at if anything is on your mind.  Don’t forget, visit

G. Sean Peters

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Re: Ne-Yo has child? Amil working in Macy's, and more rumors....
« Reply #1 on: June 25, 2007, 12:41:18 PM »
isn't Amil married to Killah Priest?


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Re: Ne-Yo has child? Amil working in Macy's, and more rumors....
« Reply #2 on: June 25, 2007, 12:55:37 PM »
Lol, who cares if Ne-Yo has a child and if Amil is working at Macy's.
Wack ass rumours