Author Topic: Paul McCartney InStore Performance at Amoeba Music (Hollywood) .. Videos  (Read 72 times)

We Fly High

so last week Paul McCartney came to Hollywood to do an instore performance in Amoeba Music. its pretty fuckin crazy considering its paul mccartney performing inside a record store. but here are some reviews and video of the show. it definitely looked like a once in a lifetime experience. Unfortunately i didnt get a chance to go since there was some camping involved. but yeah Ringo was in the house, and some celebrities (video shows Woody harrelson, jennifer love hewitt, etc)


Good Detailed Reviews:


We Fly High

up, u guys are missing out on a great video.


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Cool video, its a great idea to do a little concert in a record store, even more so for McCartney cause this man could still sell out stadiums.

I bet the fans that got in there are still shitting their pants over how lucky and fortunate they were to witness such a special concert.

I mean, I was at a Brian Wilson concert on tuesday cause he finally (for the first time) came here to my city and it was the concert of my lifetime so I think Id understand a bit how the McCartney fans feel/felt.

Props for the vid.

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yea, pretty sick, i would love to have been there