Author Topic: Timbo to quit music, again  (Read 801 times)

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Re: Timbo to quit music, again
« Reply #25 on: July 07, 2007, 03:23:10 AM »
Seriously guys, have you actually been IMPRESSED, or blown away by any album or song this year? I haven't heard anything even remotely impressive this year, it's all the same repetitive money grabbing albums. Nothing new, nothing original, nothing exciting. Same old shit from the same old artists.

I don't wanna disrespect u, but it's because u are CHOOSING to listen to that crap.  If you want NEW DIRECTION and style.  Check out Kanye West, Check out Lupe Fiasco, Check out SAIGON, check out JOE BUDDEN.  And no I'm not dickriding, cuz I ain't gonna mention Crook cuz he just makes good music like 50, but it's nothing new, what hes talking about...

Seriously man, go check Joe Budden - My Life, or any other shit.  Check these dudes mixtapes and interent drops, that's where the real gems are..  You know that labels make artists put songs that will sell on their albums... Which is the shit u hate..   I'm challenging u bro.. Look harder and u shall receive.

Well said. You have the option to listen to innovative Hip-Hop music. You just have to search it out, instead of resigning yourself to listening to the T.I.'s, 50's, and so on, all the time.

Props and bump.  Everyone need to read this as a wake-up call.  Hip-Hop ain't dead, it's just not mainstream.