Author Topic: Black Panthers, COINTELPRO, & The Murder Of 2pac - John Potash Interview Part 1  (Read 950 times)


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LOL seen it many times but that meme always makes me laugh.
Sometimes I need reminders why I bother to rap
Then I think back to cats who only father is rap
I dead beats, but you niggas is Lou
Im Uncle Phil gotta give em somethin real
cause If I dont who will

Jamal Ginsberg

LOL seen it many times but that meme always makes me laugh.

And that's why Ice "Shuck and Jive" Cube is alive and Pac is cooked. Bow Down indeed...


If the goverment or FBI wanted Pac dead..they would have killed him way before.

Pac was added to beef and gang shit..That took his life.

Goverment don't care about rap musicians..

If they cared..not only Pac..but Cube,Dre,Eazy-E,Ren,Ice-T,Kam,Chuck D would be all dead.

With the exception of Cube Dre n Eazy those other cats didnt sell enough or have enough influence so was no reason to kill them. Dre n Eazy wasnt even on that political shit like that so cross them off. Only one was Cube who I believe was  threatened behind scenes to change up his music. He went from talkin bout killing devils and bein militant to Are we there yet? and Ride Along.
The system don't have a problem with that rhetoric. If it was anything to be taken serious Ice's career would have been ended way back in 91'. Instead it flourished right around that time. Why is it that when someone leaves the Noi they are kilt (Malcolm X, Khalid Muhammad) but while they are in power nothing happens to them? Why is Farrakhan wealthy beyond anyone's imagination and aint been locked up or kilt yet? Get mad if you want to but if I got a million brothas together best believe I would have got it poppin' for the betterment of the people. Put yourself in that position and think how you would change the country if you knew that you had the power to mobilize over a million people. Now ask yourself why that man never did what you are thinking.


Rouge govt thing makes perfect sense. If you look at the JFK assassination you can see freemasonry and mafia (which is a secret society with masonic principles) working together along with elements within the government. That's not to say it was the government itself but rather people inside of the government who swear their allegiance to the secret society above the "will of the people".

The problem with alot of research on subjects like these is that people fail to get into the secret society aspect and in turn can never make sense of what is often right in front of them. This may be due to disbelief, ignorance of history or a fear of being labeled paranoid. The JFK assassination is riddled with masonic symbolism that can't be ignored. That fact that JFK gave a secret society speech two weeks prior to his death and that there are often penalties associated with revealing secret of the said society should led the thinking man to at least ponder that maybe the secret societies had a part in having him popped.

One of the things that happened after Pac got popped was the media control who came out and gave a storyline that most of us are still following. People like Kathy Scott who got the color picture of Pac's corpse who pointed the finger at Suge. What you JMix have uncovered is that most of what we were told by them to believe simply wasn't true. The same thing happened after the murder of JFK. That's were the conspiracy culture was manufactured and born. However it was done in a way that would led people who had questions about the assassination of JFK into another direction away from the true force behind the murder.

Basically the government wanted to kill Pac because he could have been a leader? Yet Jay-Z, Barack Obama, Al Sharpton, Farrakhan, loads of others are still standing? Give me a break.

How do you assume the government found out about 2Pac's scuffle with Orlando so fast?
All of the people you named are masons. I haven't seen the evidence that Pac was a mason. Although Bloods and Crips are masonic like in nature and there is a masonic connection between the blue and red in the masonic lodges. That in itself doesn't make him a mason. I have asked J Mix in another thread to start asking the people he's interviewing if he was but he never responded.

  • Jay-Z lyrics are full of masonic talk, there is a picture of him in the lodge and I don't think he's ever denied the allegations. The allegations are only present because he shows all of the signs of a mason.

    Barrack is a mason. I don't think any president of the US hasn't been one. There is also a photo of him wearing a masonic ring.

    Al is a mason and his name is listed on masonic websites as being one.

    The NOI's leadership has always been masonic and it has had strong connections to masonry from it's inception. Farrakhan has given several masonic speeches in his career to the point where even a novice on the subject would know he was a mason.

Masons are put in control because they swear oaths were the penalty for revealing them is death. Some of the oaths include keeping fellow brother masons secrets. So if one mason sees another mason doing something illegal, immoral or otherwise he could be kilt if he says anything. Some oaths apply to everything except murder, but some oaths remove that part. Also even if the oath is sworn dealing with murder a mason would probably still have to answer to fellow masons even if they do speak in the case of murder. That is why cops generally protect each other. They are usually upholding their masonic oaths. Some of the initiations they take part in are recorded and used to blackmail them as another level of protection for the masonic society. Both the oaths and the initiations ensure that the mason will play ball and stay in line. Last point is no matter who it is a mason is to side with a fellow mason no matter what the situation is, right or wrong. If you do your homework you'll see that our society is one big masoniclly controlled game. The joke is on you for not knowing!

To answer your second question, the FBI had Pac under surveillance even the night of his murder. Maybe you don't know that at least one of the people who worked for DR security was an uncover FBI agent. Pac selling 5 million records in a matter of months, speaking about feds in his music, his black panther background etc. made him powerful enough to go after. However, that is just one layer of who could have been behind this. I never said that it was the angle that I believed but I'm leaning towards it.

And if you never knew Reggie Wright was a cop then you're definitely out of the loop. I know Reggie personally and can tell you first hand he has gained absolutely nothing in his life from Pac being dead, quite the contrary.
It's not the point of what he had to gain but I think you know that.
I had to quote my damn self! Watch this:
Secret Masonic Police Busted!
Published on May 7, 2015
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