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Antoine Walker Robbed in Chicago

Miami Heat forward Antoine Walker was robbed at his home in Chicago last night. Sources say Walker was robbed at gun point along with two others by culprits who robbed him for jewelry, cash, and took off in his vehicle. Police are investigating the incident, but so far have not captured anyone. Sources say this is the second time Walker has been robbed in Chicago. Back in 2000, Walker was robbed outside of Eppels Res restaurant.

Beyonce Visits Victims

Beyonce recently visited two fans who were ignited in flames from a stage malfunction at her concert in St. Louis. Sources say pyrotechnics set to shoot out on stage, accidently shot into the crowd setting two people on fire. A nurse from Barnes-Jewish hospital said the victims injuries were minor and they are expected to fully recover. Hospital staff were surprised at Beyonce's unexpected visit, where she sat with the victims for almost an hour after her concert that night.

Foxy Brown Stays in the News

It's almost time for Foxy Brown to drop that album come September, and what's an album without a lot of publicity and buzz prior to the release. Foxy has stayed in the news recently, and sources over at the Urban Music Awards told me that Foxy was in the building despite recent reports of her disappearing and heading to London. Shouts out to Jordan over at the Urban Music Awards. It was also reported from another source that she was looking a mess.
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