Author Topic: Long Hair, Don't Care. Lil Wayne is the best rapper right now (ballerstatus)  (Read 282 times)

G. Sean Peters

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I've liked every mixtape of his. Dude can rap when he can I just don't like that Birdman shit and all his gay verses for all these pop singers tracks.

Sweet & Tender Hooligan

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I agree with the article, il be honest, i dont listen 2 hip hop all that often anymore, kinda moved on just at the right time by the looks of things, but along with The Game, Weezy makes me want 2 listen 2 hip hop and actually look 4ward 2 some new material, it says a lot that the Carter 1 and 2, and a Weezy mixtape are the only hip hop released after 2000 i have on my ipod.

The chalks only for the art homie, how they trace ya after i erase ya, look around, we at war and they still in preperation, im ridin for them repirations.

That gun got me walkin like i got irregular knees, i be all over the bread like sesame seeds.

Call me a young Raekwon coz im a chef in hells kitchen.

3 of my favourite weezy lines.

The Maestro