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CREDITS: Sincere - So Sincere
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01.   G'd Up (Ft. Mark Henry)
Prod. By Scorcher

02.   - Hunted (Ft. SMS)
Prod. By Blakjack

03.   - Time Of Your Life (Ft. J-Star, Villain)
Prod. By Blakjack

04.   Hate On Me (Ft. Supreme, Mark Henry)
Prod. By Scorcher

05.   Someone's Girl (Ft. Scorcher)
Prod. By God's Son

06.   Advance (Ft. Akala)
Prod. By P. Nut

07.   No Grind, No Shine (Ft. Mark Henry)
Prod. By Scorcher

08.  Wake Up (By Mark Henry)
Prod. By Rephan

09.  Set Him Up (By Wretch 32 Ft. Sincere, Tension)
Prod. By Wretch 32

10.  Reppin UK (Ft. D Double E, Scorcher)
Prod. By Blakjack

11.  Rockstar (By Tyme Ft. Sincere, Mark Henry)
Prod. By Jharie

12.  When Ever I'm Home (By JMC Ft. Styles P)
Prod. By Crown Juls

13.  Myspace (Ft. Mark Henry)
Prod. By Colonol Cotch

14.  City Lights (By Supreme)
Prod. By Roswell

15.  Nothing Long (By SAS)
Prod. By 76 Beats

16.  Where I'm From (By Bashy)
Prod. By J-Flows

17.  Sincere
Prod. By Blakjack

Bonus tracks:

18.  That's Not Gangsta
Prod. By Blakjack

19.  One Day You'll See
Prod. By God's Son


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that album will be bought 2morro another dope uk release this yr like dizzee n bizzle, kano album soundin bangin aswell