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Re: 2Pac-Nu Mixx Klazzics Vol. 2
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Here is my review:

Title: Nu Mixx Volume 2
Artist: Tupac Shakur
Label(s): Koch & Amaru
Reviewed By: Edoc
Format: Solo

Edoc's review:

01. Picture Me Rollin featuring Kurupt & Butch Cassidy

Okay. I'm giving you a warning, if you value your ears do not listen to this album. This is like one of the two songs you'll be able to stand. Amaru, Mr. Makaveli, & Koch have litterally raped an album. I feel like some one stuffed a dick in my ear and raped me for 24 hours. Picture Me Rollin starts out with Tupac doing his gangsta shit with a tweaked beat. The chorus hits, & you are like what the fuck is going on here? Butch Cassidy doesn't belong on this track. I'm serious. He ruined the hook, but it's at least better than Kurupt's off topic verse. Kurupt hits the track with his verse, I can say it's been better than all the shit he's put out within the last five years, but it's garbage for a Tupac track. Kurupt's verse is off topic, & I don't want to hear how many people you blasted for not bumping The Dogg Pound's dog shit. Butch hits it again after Kurupt's verse and they cut the fucking outro. You can notice this when Butch is singing. Pac is about to say old busters, but it cuts off right before old. This is one of the most unproffessional loops of a fucking beat i've heard. I've heard a better noise coming from flushing my toilet.


02. Don't Stop (Keep It Going) featuring Fatal

The track starts out with some girl saying "People are going crazy over this?". I can understand why this is god awful. I didn't buy this album to listen to Micheal Myers kill my ear drums with a repetative stabbing beat. The beat is on some halloweenie type shit. It's god awful. Trust me on this. This album puts Nu Mixx Klassics Volume 1 to shame. I personally believe they are using a CPU pella for this too. They edit Bad Boy out the damn song. Koch & Amaru you are fucking pussies for this. You are lucky I don't hold Afeni hostage for the real original versions. This is worse than Dante Benz remixes. Tupac's verse is good, but doesn't fit the beat. We get to the hook, & I hear reptative Fatal singing Don't Stop Keep Going. Fatal for the last fucking time you can't sing asshole stop trying. Please stop don't go on please stop don't go on. That's what the real chorus should be. Fatal's verse is actually decent, but it's not something on some 96ish. Who is he talking about in his verse? It has nothing to do with Don't Stop Keep Going. Please name a name Fatal it'd be nice to hear. The hook repeats to the end, & reminds me why I haven't bought a Pac album since R U Still Down. Eat a dick whoever produced this garbage.


03. What's Ya Phone # featuring Candy Hill

Ummm let me dial you up and buy you a drink? I certainly need one after listening to this shit. Pac's verse is good, but god why'd you ruin such a classic? The beat sounds like some R & B, Crunk, & House garbage mixed into a pot and cooked like Gumbo. The singing isn't bad, but this is not for Pac's greatness. Leave his classics alone assholes. LEAVE THEM THE FUCK ALONE. Candy Hill enters the verse, & can I just say two words? Singing whore. Yes, that's right singing whore is all I need to say about this. Where did they find this chick in the back alleys of Marin? Also, how many stds does this bitch have? I ain't working for your #. I'd rather stick my dick in a meat grinder than fuck you. Her rhymes are so basic my five year old cousin could out rap her. Tupac does his other two verses and shit. The really fucked up thing is they cut off his outro again! What in god's name gives you the right to cut off that outro? I will kill anyone who was involved in this song if I ever meet them. Count on that.


04. Staring Through My Rearview featuring Dwele

Thank Jesus. This one was barely touched like the kids that didn't get trapped in Neverland. The first verse by Tupac is untouched, but when the hook comes in they leave a blank space. This is duely noted. You can notice a blank space that shouldn't be there, but that is forgiveable compared to the last few holocaust of tracks. Dwele does the hook, & gets the premise. I like that he can get his message across, however the signing is meh. One thing that fucks with me is they cut the verses from Tha Outlawz. That pissed me off greatly, but yet again not as bad as the last three tracks. Pac does his verse like usual. Dwele sings & Pac comes in on his perfect outro. Thank you Black Jesus!!!!


05. Hail Mary featuring Tha Outlawz & Missing Kurupt

Can anyone say snuff as in the producers snuffed this track? That's how I feel. I love rock as much as the next man, but damn. Why must you kill one of the greatest tracks of all time? The beat is garbage. It's rock garbage to be precise. I want to take a drill through my ears on this track. I'd have a better time cutting my dick off, & eating it than listening to this track. This is a disgrace to hip hop, to rap, & to Tupac fans world wide. To make matters worse, they are using a Tupac CPU acapella, & it's VERY NOTICABLE. Yes, that's right. A CPU acapella on a OFFICIAL album. This proves clearly Death Row had NO part in this, & that Amaru & Koch are ran by crack heads. Kill yourself after listening to this track is all I can say. Also the vocals are left is untouched besides Prince Ital Joe's singing which is clearly not there. Burn this CD just for this track if you even bother buying it. It's genocide to your ears!!!!! Oh did I mention Kurupt is supposed to feature on this track, but isn't there? Yeah someone get to work on that. I like Silence OG featuring Kurupt, but Kurupt's new tweaked verse SUCKS. It's TOO silent!


06. Got My Mind Made Up featuring Tha Outlawz & Kurupt

Prepare for a bunch of squeaks. The beat is tweaked with one or two things including the sound of squeaking sneakers on a gym floor. It's fucking annoying. If this is really all Amaru & Koch have left to do with tracks then KILL ME NOW! Pac's verse is good as usual, & it sounds better than All Eyez On Me then when it hits the chorus the track starts slowly going down hill. Fatal's verse is good. Yes, you heard me. Fatal's verse is good, but he quotes a Dre line. Yeah. For those who know me I hate Dre. Some beefs don't die. Noble does his verse, & i'm not even going to bother speaking on it. Let's say this track made him & Fatal get on the same level. Kurupt does his verse, but it isn't for this track just like Picture Me Rollin. What happened man? The rap game misses you. This track is better than most, but still sucks.


07. Pain featuring Style P & Butch Cassidy

Pain is god awful. Kill me now. I'mma die laughing listening to this track. They'll never take me alive. That's right. They'd never take your vocals, and rape them like this if you were alive Tupac. Pac is on that typical Pac was a martyr type beat. Listen Amaru we are tired of it. We know Pac was a martyr. Get over it. Notice how the beat changed from the one we heard. It's better than the one that didn't get released. The chorus sucked. The verse by Styles P was good. I liked Stretch's verse better, but yeah Styles P's verse was good. However, it's crap like the rest.


08. Lost Souls featuring Tha Outlawz

The beat was tweaked, but it isn't tweaked in a bad way. I like it. It was basically left alone. As Tupac would say "You (whoever did this track) did a good job.".


09. Wanted Dead Or Alive featuring Snoop Doggy Dogg

Whoever produced this needs to kill themselves now. It seems like Swizz Beats touched this track. It starts out with a guitar & the beat is completely changed. The tracks verses are cut up. The vocals from the Charlie Wilson are toned down, but you can still hear them. It has this god awful shouting on the chorus of the track. Koch, how much more annoying can you get? Oh not to mention the drums are off. Thanks Spliffy for pointing this out.


10. Initiated featuring The Boot Camp Click

Off beat too clubby. Pac's verse was off beat. The Boot Camp Click tore it up, but even they can't save this track.


11. How Do U Want It

A typical clubby beat. Reminds me of a stupid internet mix of Don't Go 2 Sleep. This doesn't fit How Do You Want It. They even edit the lyrics on a dirty verse. The hook sucks. I don't like it one bit.


12. Picture Me Rollin featuring Tha Outlawz

It's better than usual, sorry the reviews are getting short, but this album has exhausted any hope I had in Pac's music being treated right out of me. Picture Me Rolling is good. However, it lacks Syke & CPO as usual. Tha Outlawz contributed verses. It's the usual tired Outlawz verses. So yeah. The usual.


The Makaveli Code quote for this album:
Spliffy -  Step awaaaayyy from the mixing keyboard.
Kilo2 -  And put the little boy down.
Kilo2 -  Or is it let the Tupac acapella go?

Overall rating for this album: 3.2 out of 10



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Re: 2Pac-Nu Mixx Klazzics Vol. 2
« Reply #26 on: August 11, 2007, 06:11:26 PM »
03. What's Ya Phone # featuring Candy Hill

Pac's verse is good, but god why'd you ruin such a classic? The beat sounds like some R & B, Crunk, & House garbage mixed into a pot and cooked like Gumbo. The singing isn't bad, but this is not for Pac's greatness. Leave his classics alone assholes. LEAVE THEM THE FUCK ALONE.

The album is garbage but this reviewer lost any credibility with the above quoted line. Whats Your Phone # a classic?? Come on now ...