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yea yea you'll C

shut the fuck up kid

u still mad i called ya bitch ass out there hatin on yung joc bcuz he make more money than ya mother do in that alley, but i aint worried bout u hoes manne,,,,,, anyways, it is backpack rappin just like there's such thing as "gangsta" rappin.  just cuz it's labeled somethin doesnt mean its bad, look at Common and Kwelibs albums, hell even B.E.Ps shit.  tha music game is goin 2 change in tha next 2 or 3 years, i kno its gettin played out now, but do u actually think this shit is goin' 2 go on 4eva?  tha crunk shit will b hear but it wont b like 2days scene.  tha game is evolvin' and its becomin' a hustle-hustle, why u think "The Game" is quittin' after 1 more album, its bcuz niggas is gettin money otherways.  once u git ya name out there, its just like goin 2 a job fair.  see ignorant niggas dont git tha message and tha real people do, and instead of savin a "group" of people we tryna save everybody, think about it, if u kno any niggas thats out there in them streets then u kno that they gona lissen 2 wat Jeezy preachin 2 em b4 they lissen 2 Kanye or Common.  So instead of leavin out there 2 die, we tryna save em and educate em.  and speakin of Jeezy i gotta feelin his next album wont b all Coke/Money/Hoes talk, the nigga mite have a message 2 preach, even Three 6 change they style from wen they first came out.  We'll neva have another 90's moment in hiphop again but i guarentee that it'll b more positive, y u think Soulja Boy is gettin more play than Mos Def, besides tha marketing reasons?

how does it feel to write so much and have nobody read it?

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the business is changing indeed.... except its not the fading of harder edged rap for backpack or 50 vs. kanye... its to whatever song can be best utilized as a fuckin ringtone....

Thats the sad truth unfortunately...


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Re: Kanye/50
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lol ya'll jus dont git it, its gona shine like a muhfucka mane
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