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Re: My phone > iPhone
« Reply #210 on: October 23, 2007, 07:29:58 PM »
not yet,i wanna buy my 4gig card first cause i need more memory! im planning to buy my 4gig card this week! i'll keep you informed if the programs works  8)

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Re: My phone > iPhone
« Reply #211 on: October 23, 2007, 07:52:24 PM »
how many 5 megapixel phone is available?
only 2 comes to mind - n95 and that samsung you just mention

Thereīs a couple more;
SE K850

LG K990

....and the upcoming N82 that will be announced officially 2 November and hopefully in stores by christmas.

G600 too and thats the smallest ;D

Thanx for the correction,I was sure SE K850 was the smallest one.
Oh well,,, I FIXED the error in the OG post.

I feel cheap with my 3,2 mpx N73 lol and props for the info like always!

Nah don't do,you don't really need any more than 3.2 mpx if you ask me,in a year or two 5 mpx will be a common feature. What I want is bigger memory cards and better battery,other than that I'm pretty straight right now.
Did you try those applications for mpeg?

not yet,i wanna buy my 4gig card first cause i need more memory! im planning to buy my 4gig card this week! i'll keep you informed if the programs works  8)

Alright do that,I need to check all them new applications I posted myself. Got some new shit I will post soon,but as I said need to catch up myself....
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Re: My phone > iPhone
« Reply #212 on: October 27, 2007, 10:51:33 AM »
news update;

More pictures of the N82 has leaked,itīs getting closer to the official annoucement,which takes place 2 November if the rumors is right.
The specs is the same as N95,and finally we will get those in a bar phone,not the annoying slide design.


Hereīs what youīre going to buy for your grand parents this christmas;
Emporia Life

Made by Emporia of Austria, the Emporia Life is a GSM handset designed for older consumers who may struggle with other phones.

Designed to be very easy to use, the Emporia Life comes with some interesting features such as a hearing aid compatible loudspeaker, an emergency call system which can be activated with a single keypress, a very large 2.7" display and a simple-to-use interface with detailed help.
This is a big phone, relatively speaking. Measuring 112 x 51 x 26mm and coming in at a hefty 152 grams, the Emporia Life is almost the same weight and size (when shut) as the Sony Ericsson P990i. If you compare it with the Nokia 6111 for size (see left) you can see just how big it is. But this large size gives the Emporia Life a very large screen and a great big set of buttons
It's not the first time that mobile phone has been designed that aims at this market segment - notably the Sagem VS1 and VS2 had a very similar approach when they were launched two years ago, but they managed to inject a little style into the design whereas the Emporia Life does look a bit like a brick.

Looks aren't the only thing that counts against the Emporia Life - the large 2.7" 128 x 160 pixel display looks like something from a piece of industrial machinery rather than a mobile phone. And the extra large keys may look useful, but they do appear to be very flat without any raised area or separation which could make them tricky for some people to use.

One final problem is the battery life - while the Emporia Life doesn't exactly have a short battery life, the 1000 mAH cell only powers the phone for up to 6 days standby time. On a device of this size and weight, the standby time should be much longer. The Philips Xenium 9@9m managed a staggering 30 days standby time and a similarly sized screen (although in colour).. so why can't the Emporia Life do it? One plus point is that the Emporia Life can be powered by 3 AAA batteries if needed
Shortcomings aside, there are plenty of practical features in the Emporia Life. It has a very loud speaker, very strong vibrating function, a built-in flashlight, visual alerts, emergency SMS feature, calculator, birthday reminder and an alarm clock. It does send and receive text messages, including SMS multicast capabilities. It's clear that some thought has gone into the feature set, and the Emporia Life seems to deliver the sort of things that most people will want without weighing it down with functions that won't be used.

"The grandma phone" Above ^^^ about is getting competion with
Doro 326GSM

Official announcement of MOTO U9 music phone

Motorola has announced MOTO U9 music phone. Speculated details had already popped up in the news. On the whole the official announcement confirmed this info. MOTO U9 is a stylish clamshell in a sleek form. It has an external display with touch-sensitive media player buttons in it. The phone is designed for GSM networks. MOTO U9 will hit the stores in 4Q in Asia, Latin America and Europe.
The specs of MOTO U9:
Quad-band GSM/GPRS/EDGE (Class 12)
External display – 1.45” OLED (128x160 pixels, 65K colors)
Internal display – 2” TFT (QVGA, 262K colors)
Built-in music player WMA (Janus DRM), MP3, AAC, AAC+, eAAC+
Video formats - MPEG4 3GPP, h.263
Interface - Bluetooth (A2DP), USB 2.0
25 MB of internal memory
2-megapixel camera
Talk time – up to 430 minutes
Standby time – up to 350 hours
Dimensions – 90x48.6x16.4 mm
Weight – 87.5 g

Then some news from them crazy ass Japanese dudes;

Sanyo W54SA: a TV-slider with VGA

Today the Japanese operator KDDI has unveiled a new Sanyo phone featuring a big 3” widescreen VGA display made under IPS technology (In-Plate Switching). IPS displays stand out for wide viewing angles, high contrast and short matrix feedback.
The W54SA supports digital TV-programs.
The short technical specs of Sanyo W54SA:
Dimensions: 50x106x18.9 mm
Weight: 144 g
Main display: widescreen 3”, IPS, 480x800 pixels
Camera: 3.18-megapixel with auto focus
Connectivity: Bluetooth, IrDA (IrSimple)
microSD cards
3D games

Sony Ericsson W54S – a multimedia phone from Japan

Sony Ericsson introduced today a new mobile phone for fall-winter season for KDDI operator.
The device got the name W54S. It comes with a widescreen 2.8 OLED display, a 3.24-megapixel camera, Bluetooth, digital terrestrial TV-programs support and new operator’s music services developed together with Sony.
The short technical specs of Sony Ericsson W54S:
Dimensions: 50x106x19.1 mm
Weight: 145 g
Main display: widescreen 2.8”, OLED, 240x400 pixels
Main display: LED, 7x7 matrix
Camera: 3.24-megapixel with auto focus
Connectivity: Bluetooth (stereo support), IrDA (IrSimple)
Memory: 800 MB expandable with microSD cards
3D games

Samsung BRIX modular multimedia phone concept

Samsung Art and Design held the mobile device prototype exhibition resuming its design courses. Samsung BRIX turned to be one of most impressive solutions. This is a modular full touchscreen multimedia mobile phone.
The idea of the concept is that it consists of brick modules. Thus you can always add an additional brick to enhance the functionality. For example, you can add more bricks, when you need a bigger screen or a camera. Samsung Bricks is currently just a concept, however the company has been exploring similar ideas and has a patent to prove it.

Official announcement of a two-way music smartphone Samsung SGH-i450 Symbian S60
<a href=";autoplay=0" target="_blank" class="new_win">;autoplay=0</a>

Today Samsung Electronics has made an official announcement of Samsung SGH-i450 music phone (in addition to the SGH-F330) for the European market. The device is peculiar for its form-factor – a two-way slider phone like Nokia N95. Instead of media player buttons the new Samsung phone has a sensor wheel, which fulfils the same functions.
I’d remind you Samsung SGH-i450 is built on Symbian S60 3rd Edition and supports 3G networks and HSDPA technology (up to 3.6 Mbps to download music from the web), let alone EDGE and GPRS. Bluetooth technology with A2DP enhances opportunities for music playback.
The price tag for Samsung SGH-i450 makes up €360, and the launch is scheduled for the end of this month.
On our site you can learn more details about Samsung SGH-i450.

General features
Announced in 2007, September
GSM 900/1800/1900, W-CDMA 2100
OS: Symbian v9.2 S60 v3.1 n
2.4" QVGA display, TFT, has the resolution of 240 x 320 pixels and shows up to 262,144 colours
Battery type Li-ion 1200 mAh
Battery life:
talk mode - up to 7.9 hours
standby mode - up to 333 hours
playing MP3 - up to 12 hours
Dimensions: 101 x 52 x 17,8 mm
Weight: 114
Colours: dark blue
40 MB internal memory
Expansion connector for MicroSD (up to 4 GB)
Call management, ringing tones
Polyphonic call melodies, 64 tones polyphony
MP3 melodies as a call melody
SMS, MMS (up to 300 KB), Email (POP3, IMAP4, SMTP, SSL, TLS)
Predictive text input Т9
Integrated 2 MP camera with 4x digital zoom
Multishooting, White balance, Flash
Frontal VGA-camera for videotelephony
Java MIDP 2.0
FM stereo radio
Supported audio formats: MP3, AAC, AAC+, RA, WMA
Supported video formats: 3GP, H.263, MPEG4, RealOne, WMV
USB 2.0
Bluetooth 2.0(A2DP)
Stereo Bluetooth for formats: MP3/AAC+/AAC
WAP 2.0
Audioconnector 3.5 mm
Synchronization with PC
Organizer and extras
Voice notes
Alarm clock
Unit converter

Apple iPhone in Gold now

Goldstriker has introduced the luxury iPhone. From the very beginning the iPhone was positioned as something extraordinary and attracted long queues. Now it’s not enough to obtain an iPhone to confirm high status of its owner. The company offers an 8GB iPhone for those who are gold-mad. It is coated with 24-carat gold. The sales of the golden iPhone should start in mid October. The price for this precious handset hasn’t been unveiled yet.

More pics and specs on MOTOROKR E8 and MOTORIZR Z10

The has reported it acquired detailed into and pictures of new Motorola handsets, which should be announced by the company soon. It deals with the much rumored MOTOROKR E8 and MOTORIZR Z10. We don’t see the reason why not to believe it and thus share the info with our readers. Well, let’s start with
Motorola ROKR E8:

This is another Motorola’s music phone coming with a novel navigation element called “Omega Wheel”, probably because of its form resembling the letter from the Greek alphabet. Its keyboard is peculiar for tactile feedback whenever a key is pressed.

The E8 comes with 2GB of memory onboard expanded with microSD cards (up to 4GB), an FM-radio, Bluetooth, USB v2.0 and a 3.5-mm audio jack. Measuring just 115x53x10.6 mm it houses a 2-megapixel camera and a 2” 240x320 TFT display.

MOTOROKR E8 supports quad-band GSM and EDGE. The sales are set for November at the price of €280.


HP iPAQ 610 Business Navigator: up-to-date functions in one

The new series of Hewlett-Packard new products includes HP iPAQ 610 Business Navigator in two modifications: with a 3-megapixel camera and without one. The 600-series device is packed in a classical candy bar form-factor with a numeric keypad. HP iPAQ 610 Business Navigator stands out for control elements designed for single-handed operations. There is a sensor ring across the keypad and a scrolling wheel with 3 degrees of freedom. Functionally this is a complete analog of the iPAQ 910 and supports GPS navigation.
The main technical specs of HP iPAQ 610 Business Navigator:
Networks: UMTS/HSDPA 850/1900/2100 MHz, GSM/GPRS/EDGE 850/900/1800/1900 MHz
CPU: Marvell PXA270, 520 MHz
Memory: 128 MB SDRAM, 256 MB ROM, microSD cards
Display: 2.8”, transmissive TFT, 240x320 pixel, 65K colors
Camera: 3-megapixel, CMOS with video capture
Operating system: Windows Mobile 6 Professional
Connectivity: WLAN IEEE 802.11 b/g, Bluetooth 2.0 + EDR1, USB (miniUSB jack) with charging
A-GPS (Assisted GPS) navigation
Audio formats: WMA, WAV, MP3, MIDI, AAC-LC, HE-AAC
Audio features: voice recorder, built-in speaker, connector for external mic/headphones
Battery: 1590 mAh
Dimensions: 117x60.3x17.5 mm
Weight: 145 g

Waiting for new Japanese edition SE phones

The announcement date getting closer gives rise to lots of rumors. This fall NTT DoCoMo, largest 3G service provider in Japan, is expected to introduce a new lineup of its top 900-series phones. Some Internet source posted a picture of a new phone, allegedly a Sony Ericsson model named SO905i:
The peculiar thing about the SO905i is its form-factor resembling of a two-way slider. Traditionally for such case there are no official comments to the picture – before the official announcement lots of things (including pictures) can get changed dramatically.

Samsung SGH-i550 showcased at IFA 2007

At IFA 2007 show in Berlin Samsung introduced a smartphone called Samsung SGH-i550, which will be officially announced later on. The device is powered by Symbian S60 and supports 3G networks with up to 3.6 Mbps data transfer speed. It is peculiar for an integrated GPS-receiver and full integration with Google services: the search panel displayed in the main screen.
In addition there is a trackball and dedicated buttons to access Internet, music and navigation applications. However the buttons are quite small and might be inconvenient in use. The smartphone features a 2.6” display, a 3.2-megapixel camera with flash, 115x53x13.8 mm.

Cellphone projector by TI

At Pepcom event in New York Texas Instruments has introduced a proto of a cellphone projector. The device uses lasers as the light source, and an LED-based model is currently in the lab. Definitely such a module will be an extremely useful feature to any phone or a smartphone, as it eventually solves the small display problem.
n particular, the built-in projector can run presentations directly from the cellphone omitting PC. However image quality loses to professional projectors, anyway this in-handset projector will do for small presentations. There is another application of this solution, you can run video, pictures, web-pages etc. on a “big screen”. Hands On - Texas Instruments Pico Projector
<a href="" target="_blank" class="new_win"></a>
Cell Phone Projector Coming Soon
<a href="" target="_blank" class="new_win"></a>
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Re: My phone > iPhone
« Reply #213 on: October 29, 2007, 01:03:38 PM »
props again for the phone update!!!

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Re: My phone > iPhone
« Reply #214 on: October 29, 2007, 01:38:14 PM »
props again for the phone update!!!

So what do you think of the new images of N82?
Itīs getting close to the official presentation (2 November).


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Re: My phone > iPhone
« Reply #215 on: October 29, 2007, 02:23:22 PM »
looks cool! im wating to see what features are gonna be on it maybe im gonna buy one


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Re: My phone > iPhone
« Reply #216 on: October 29, 2007, 08:53:16 PM »
looks cool!
im wating to see what features are gonna be on it maybe im gonna buy one
The same as N95.

same price? :D

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Re: My phone > iPhone
« Reply #217 on: October 30, 2007, 08:13:21 AM »
looks cool!
im wating to see what features are gonna be on it maybe im gonna buy one
The same as N95.

same price? :D

Time will tell,if the rumors is right they will present it officially on friday.
The only difference is the memory,it has a little less memory. "Only" 100 MB VS 160 MB (again,if the rumors is right).
Thatīs not a big problem,theyīre shipping the 8 GB to the stores as we speak.
Actually they say itīs already in the stores,is this right Matty?

SanDisk starts shipping 8GB microSDHC and M2 cards

SanDisk was trumpeting its 8GB microSDHC cards all the way back in June, but it's taken until now for the company to ship the little buggers -- but we're also getting an 8GB Memory Stick Micro (also known as M2) version as a reward for our patience. The 8GB SDHC card will set you back $139, while the M2 stick is $149,
and both should be in stores worldwide now, according to SanDisk.

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Re: My phone > iPhone
« Reply #218 on: October 30, 2007, 08:46:14 AM »

SonyEricsson will present some new phones officially next week,maybe these will be among them?
Non of the phones is "revolutionary",so I hope they got something up their sleeve that hasnīt leaked yet.

Rumors: new Sony Ericsson products in 2008

Some pics and info on new SE phones in 2008 have leaked to the Internet from an insider source. According to the Mobile Close Up these are W970, K830 and K860.
Sony Ericsson W970 belongs to the Walkman music series. It is equipped with an iPod-like navigation wheel, a 5-megapixel camera and a storage card slot. It’s not said to have 8GB of memory onboard. Sony Ericsson K830 from the Cyber-shot series comes with a 3.2-megapixel camera, which is likely to shoot QVGA video. The device might replace the K810. As for the last handset, there are no details except for the picture.
SE W970?

Live pics of Sony Ericsson W890

The has posted more live pics of Sony Ericsson W890 phone, which is not yet officially introduced. This is a Walkman series product following the W880. According to the source, the W890 comes with a 2” QVGA display, a 3.2-megapixel camera and a frontal camera for video calls (3G support), Bluetooth (A2DP) wireless module and an FM-radio with RDS. There is the support of Memory Stick Micro (M2) cards. These are non-official details, not yet confirmed by the vendor.

More live pics of HTC Polaris

The Cool Smartphone has posted some live pictures of HTC Polaris (recently we’ve got the commercial name of the product – HTC Touch Cruise). HTC Polaris is a more advanced successor to HTC P3300 (HTC Artemis). A week back there was a presentation in Amsterdam, which revealed the following specs: GSM/GPRS/EDGE and UMTS/HSDPA networks, Windows Mobile 6 Professional OS, TouchFLO interface, a QVGA display, an integrated GPS-receiver, two cameras, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth wireless modules and a microSD-slot. HTC Touch Cruise (Polaris) will probably become commercially available late in November.

iPhone in Canada on December 7?

The info on Apple iPhone coming to Canada via Rogers operator has already popped up in web sources. And now we can come across the following picture:

As you can see, the device is available for preorder, so you can get it on December 7, the official announcement date. The price tag makes up 499 Canadian dollars equivalent to 520 US dollars, on a 3-year service plan. However there is a chance we deal with another fake.

HP iPAQ 210 suspended, while HP iPAQ 110 to come soon

We’ve recently mentioned that HP decided to suspend the release of the iPAQ 110 and 210 handhelds. This time HP’s PR-manager Mike Hockey has partially confirmed the info: HP iPAQ 210 Enterprise Handheld will indeed be released not earlier than 2008, while HP iPAQ 110 Classic is on its way. The Asian company engaged in making HP devices has launched the shipments, i.e. the iPAQ 110 will soon be in stores. Mr. Hockey noted that the problems with the iPAQ 210 shipments are being solved right now.
I’d remind you that HP iPAQ 110 and 210 were announced in September and scheduled for late October 2007. The iPAQ 210 has more advanced specs against the iPAQ 110, a VGA-display being one of them. The price for the 210 makes up $450 and for the 110 - $300.

LG-LB2500H Shine Wood

LG has made a Korean release of a new Shine phone – LG-LB2500H Wood. This clamshell is peculiar for its wood textured shell and glittering metallic elements. It is already available in the Korean stores at 473000 Won (i.e. $515).

The specs of LG-LB2500H Shine Wood:
Main display – 2.2” (QVGA, 260K colors)
External display – 1.1” (65K colors)
2-megapixel camera
Bluetooth interface
DMB broadcasting
800 mAh battery
Talk time – approx. 120 minutes
Standby time – approx. 110 hours
Dimensions – 96.5x49.5x14.8 mm
Weight - 119 g

Review of QWERTY-communicator HTC TyTN II
The Kaiser was one long-awaited phone. It was almost half a year between the moment when first notes and rumors about it spread across the Web and its official announcement. But curiously, during all these months, the company didn’t seem to care much about this device, in contrast to, say, the HTC P5500/Nike, the next touch-phone in HTC’s portfolio...
Read next>>>

Review of GSM/UMTS-smartphone Sony Ericsson W960i

Over at Sony Ericsson they live in a happy delusion, popular with some other makers as well, that consumers are very straightforward in their thoughts and motives. Specifically, if there was a music-playing handset last year, then this year those who went for the original phone will set their eyes on the updated version. And will never ever consider similar phones, even those offered by the same manufacturer...
Read next>>>

Pantech Duo Dual-Slider Coming to AT&T

Do you want a dual-sliding phone like the Helio Ocean, but don't want to sign up with Helio and prefer Windows Mobile to Helio's great OS? Do you also want to sign up with AT&T? Uh… OK. Good news for you: AT&T is getting the Pantech Duo (i.e. the Pantech C180), a sleek-looking dual-slider that zips along on their 3G HSDPA network. It runs Windows Mobile 6, has a 1.3-megapixel camera, and can do push email. Look for it to drop at the end of the month for $250 with 2-year soul-selling agreement.


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Re: My phone > iPhone
« Reply #219 on: October 31, 2007, 08:44:47 AM »
Will the news ever stop?
Hopefully on Friday Nokia will have some suprises up the sleeve other than the N82.
Next week SonyEricsson will announce their new models,so lot of new shit to look out for...

Diamond iPhone for the Christmas

Alexander Amosu Luxury Phones has introduced the world first (as it says) diamond iPhone. The device is coated with 420 white, black or rose diamonds – a total of 5.65 carats. There are 3 shell solutions available: steel, 18-carat white or yellow gold.
Apple iPhone Diamond version will be released in limited edition on November 9. The price for the precious device will start from $41000. The iPhone will come with one year free international concierge service. According to Amosu, Apple iPhone in gold and diamonds might be the best Christmas present.

Jealous of the Japenese: A Sony Ericsson 5.1 megapixel monster

If you ever needed a reason to commit harri karri then let me introduce you to the Sony Ericsson Cybershot with a 5.1 megapixel camera, Xenon flash, 3x optical zoom, 480Ũ864 resolution 2.7 inch screen in a device that is only 113 Ũ 50 Ũ 20 mm and weights 150 grams. At the Symbian Smartphone Show I got to play with Japenese cellphones and one of the first things that struck me was how they’re essentially all large clamshells, I’m talking Nokia N93 large.

It makes sense when you think about how many hours of the day these people spend buried in their device. A large screen that can fit a lot of data is a must. I admit I’m jealous and while I’m not usually a fan of clamshells, that resolution would make me switch in a heart beat. Damn thing has a higer resolution than the Internet Tablet and most UMPC’s!

Expect this beast to be announced tomorrow as apart of NTT DoCoMo’s new 905i lineup.

Nokia N82 spotted in Argentina

Shame Shame Shame on this Nokia employee. Usually when TRUE (no clue what it stands for) testing (the last stage of ironing out the kinks where they give out several hundred devices to Nokia employees) you are given the device and a very discrete case that nearly covers up the entire phone. Looks like this woman didn’t feel like following the rules and this picture is the result. The N82 can not come any sooner, people want to have the N95 in a candy bar form factor and the Xenon flash is just an added bonus.  Here is hoping it includes the DAC that the N81 has inside as well.

Google is about to make some moves in the mobile industry - Google Phone announcement in mid-November?

Word on the street has it that Google is set to finally firm up all the rumors surrounding the search giant’s entry into the super-competitive mobile market. According to “sources,” The Wall Street Journal is reporting that Google is planning to officially announce its plans for the wireless industry “within the next two weeks” - which means we’re looking for Google to spill the beans sometime in mid-November.

Speculation had Google planning a fully-branded and cheap smartphone based on a Linux mobile OS - then we heard that there would be no such phone from Google. Other rumors had Google developing mobile applications. More recent rumors had Google developing a Linux-based mobile OS for ODM (like manufacturersHTC, LG, and even Samsung) to use in a new line of mobile phones.

“In recent months Google has approached several U.S. and foreign handset manufacturers about the idea of building phones tailored to Google software, with Taiwan’s HTC Corp. and South Korea’s LG Electronics Inc. mentioned in the industry as potential contenders. Google is also seeking partnerships with wireless operators.” And, we’re looking for T-Mobile to take the Google Phone live in the US, with Hutchison 3 and Orange picking up the gPhone(s) for the European market.

The Google Phone should bring together the ever popular Google search engine, Google Maps, YouTube, and Gmail services into an open-source OS - unlike the iPhone, which already integrates these functions but limits them to Apple’s control (at least for now). That means development for the Google Phone will be open to the average Joe (as long as Joe knows how to code for a Linux environment).

We can’t wait for HTC and LG to launch their Google-powered smartphones. And, as long as we’re semi-speculating here, we’re hoping for a low-cost GPS phone with huge touchscreens. Fingers crossed….

Footnote: Don’t get worked up over that pic above - it’s a mockup/concept.

Another hugely expensive Vertu phone - $85,000 for a phone

Sure, it’s a Vertu. Sure, there’s a high-class aura about it. Sure, it’s covered (encrusted, if you will) in more precious stones than that Diamond iPhone we just mentioned. But, is it worth the price of a Porsche Carrera 997? Hardly.

The Vertu lineup of high-end (at least in price) mobile phones are already crazy expensive, but when you bling it out with more diamonds than a conflict-mine in Sierra Leone, you get a Vertu phone that’s supposedly worth $85,000. The special $85K Vertu phone is being shown off at Nokia’s new flagship store in Shanghai, China.

Right. We’d rather plunk down that $85 Large on a brand new Porsche Carrera 997 or maybe the new BMW M3 (with change to spare). But, then again, if you’re seriously contemplating an $85,000 mobile phone, you probably already have a garage full of super-exotics. In that case, just donate us that Aston Martin Vantage and call it a tax write-off, will ya?

Keep reading for more pics.

An Apple iPhone native app-a-day keeps the boredom away

Not sure which native iPhone apps you want to install on your iPhone? It can be a bit overwhelming, wading through all the third-party applications available through Nullriver’s

Well, App-a-day is here to make it easier on you. Download and install the App-a-day, um, app through and you’ll have access to daily-updated lists of third-party iPhone applications. The first app on the list for November 1 is “Pumpkin.” Not sure how to get third-party applications/jailbreak on your iPhone? Check out the one-click jailbreak solution that will install for you. It’s so simple you can’t screw it up - we call it idiot proof.

With the App-a-day application, we should have more than enough distraction until Apple releases the official iPhone SDK early next year.

Picture of the day: LG Touch concept

After the launch of the iPhone many mobile phone makers thought of their best answer. Some vendors have offered finished solutions, for example, we can treat the co-product of LG and Prada as the iPhone competitor. But the South Korean maker is moving ahead – we can see pictures of a new concept phone in the Internet.
As wee see from the pictures, the phone comes with a touchscreen and is motion sensitive – the technology applied in Sony Ericsson W910. I’d note the outstanding design of accessories – the cradle with the touch QWERTY-keyboard…

SE PXi from Bogar Bence – concept phone for lefties

Bogar Bence designer has introduced a concept of SE PXi mobile phone. The developer designed it for convenient use by both lefties and righties. The device is equipped with a 3.3” touchscreen display, which supports automatic screen orientation when rotating. You can control it with the stylus and fingers. In addition the SE PXi features a dual slot, a 5-megapixel Cybershot camera and stereo speakers. For now we have just a concept phone under the Sony Ericsson brand for left-handed users. It’s not clear whether the company plans to launch the device.

Finger-friendly interface for Symbian UIQ?

We’ve got out hands on an interesting photo from a presentation. Supposedly, it shows a new user’s interface for UIQ platform codenamed Maria. It seems to be finger-oriented beyond the stylus control. However there is no official info on Maria, so we can judge from the picture.

When the new UIQ version (if exists) will be announced or SE devices based on it will come out is anyone’s guess. The info might be true and the presentation revealed a finger-friendly UIQ interface. At least the company should think over to work in this direction to increase competitiveness of its products: the finger control is already implemented in iPhone and TouchFLO for WM-communicators, let alone upcoming Symbian S60 Touch.

Dog dressed up in the iPhone costume for the Halloween celebration

With Halloween behind us, I’m sure you’ve noticed many strange costumed kids out there. Hack, you may have been that lucky to attend one of those Halloween parties, which I admit, I adore. Anyway, we’ve spotted a fairly ugly puppy dressed up in an iPhone costume. Ok, you may like the puppy, but it’s just not my kind of dog.

Whatever the case is - have a nice weekend. Relax, but stay tuned - we’ll be bringing you more news on both Saturday and Sunday…

Hot Deal: US spec Nokia N95 for $599.99 on TigerDirect - Cheap Nokia N95-3!

If you’ve been drooling over the Nokia N95 but haven’t been able to muster the $700 entry price for the North American N95 with US-friendly 3G frequencies, here’s some good news. has the Nokia N95-3 (the N95-3 is the US version, while the N95-1 denotes the European version), for the low, low price of $599.99. We’ve been scouring the nets for a cheap US-spec Nokia N95, and Craigslist and eBay both lose out to TigerDirect.

Stefan already covered what the differences between the Nokia N95-1 and N95-3, but here’s a quick rundown. The Nokia N95-3 trades a camera lens cover for a larger, much needed battery, the Plum battery cover has gone Black, RAM has been doubled, and the WCDMA radio now works on the US-friendly 850 and 1900Mhz frequencies.

For all of you that bought the North American N95-3 at the initial $700 price, we’re sorry to bring you this news. The N95-3 barely hit Yankee shores and there’s already a $200 $100 price drop? If it makes you feel any better, Apple screwed us for $200 for our iPhones just three months after it launched.

Sony Ericsson K660i spotted

Sony Ericsson K660i has been spotted on the handset maker’s UK website. The upcoming device will be available in two colors — “Lime on White” and “Wine on Black” — and will among other things pack a 2 MP camera, stereo Bluetooth support, HSDPA, and M2 memory stick slot. As for the pre-installed software, users can expect SE’s classic mobile suite that includes web browser, RSS reader, 3D Java games, sound recorder, instant messaging and more. The K660i measures 104Ũ47x14.7 mm and weighs 96 grams. We’re not sure when will this phone be released, but in the meantime you can check out few more pictures after the jump.

Concept – iPhone killer by Sony Ericsson

An Esato forum member known as beta-tester has posted his version of a new Sony Ericsson’s smartphone P3i. The idea is that the device works on new interface for UIQ platform (finger-oriented input). We’ve recently written about leaked pictures from the closed presentation probably demonstrating the interface. Sony Ericsson hasn’t made any official confirmation and its fans are creating the iPhone-style concepts.
Sony Ericsson P3i is equipped with a big touchscreen and has no buttons. In addition the device combines advantages of Cyber-shot cameraphones (5-megapixel camera) and Walkman handsets. But I’d remind you this is just a concept. So time will show what will be the real iPhone killer by Sony Ericsson (if exists).

Samsung jumping into touchscreen phone frenzy

t’s not like Samsung doesn’t have a single touchscreen enabled device on the market — it’s that their upcoming M4650 model clearly resembles the iPhone. Their idea is simple - they want to introduce the iPhone-like device in Korea before Apple does.

Apparently, the upcoming “multi-touch phone” will be hitting Samsung’s domestic market via LG Telecom. It will be smaller than the iPhone, sporting 2.8″ LCD display with haptic feedback, but also the T-DMB receiver for watching mobile TV. The phone is running on top of Marvel 624MHz PXA300 CPU and Windows Mobile 6.

The first image looks promising and yes, we would like to see this baby hitting the western hemisphere as well. Just please don’t make it another Vodafone exclusive like you’ve already did with the F700…

NTT DoCoMo introduces 23 new models in 905i and 705i series

Today Japan’s mobile service provider NTT DoCoMo introduced 23 models in 905i and 705i series, which will be available in a total of 70 colors.
All ten 905i handsets will feature some advanced and convenient functions, i.e. 3G/GSM roaming, HSDPA, “One-segment” digital TV, GPS navigation, enhanced 2-in-1 service, DCMX (credit card payment system) and iD (credit payment).

The operator notes that the 905i series has upgraded value of the current models. In addition the 905i series is compatible with the new “Area mail” disaster information service aimed to provide people caught in disaster areas with vital information.

The 705i series includes 13 slim handsets with sophisticated design and array of full-spec functions. The series comprises the world’s slimmest clamshell and waterproof handsets and the slimmest “One-segment” models.

The D905i, F905i, N905i, P905i, SH905i, SO905i and N905iμ are scheduled for November 26, 2007. The operator will launch the Cyber-shot SO905iCS, AQUOS SH905iTV and D705iμ, N705iμ, P705iμ, D705i, F705i, L705i, N705i, P705i during January-February 2008. And the NM705i, SH705i, SO705i and PROSOLID μ (P705iCL) should start in February, and the VIERA P905iTV and L705iX – in February-March 2008.

I have to get one of these ASAP!
I hate those morons that talk on their phone in "public"

Having fun with cellphone jammers - when ideals are just plain fun

There’s a certain level of etiquette that’s expected of mobile phone users in public. Keep your phone on vibrate while in quiet environments (movie theaters, libraries, restaurants, etc.). Try to step outside if your conversation is going to take any significant length of time. Keep your voice down to a minimum - we’re talking to all you loud-talkers out there (no one wants to hear your conversation, it’s annoying). Unfortunately, many cellphone users out there are quite oblivious to these societal ideals.
So, what’s an idealistic crusader for mobile phone etiquette to do? Get a cellphone jammer. If you find yourself having to teach that loud-talking, teen-aged valley girl a thing or two about minding her manners, just reach in your pocket and activate that wireless jammer. There have been a slew of portable signal jammers of late, and it seems that there’s a reason for it. As wireless signal jammers are becoming more and more accessible, Americans are taking matters of mobile phone ideals into their own hands - literally.

But, does your crusade have to be all business and no fun? Absolutely not. It turns out that people love the power that they can wield over the unsuspecting “loud-talker.” Cutting off an annoying cellphone user not only teaches them a lesson, it’s immensely entertaining to watch them try and re-acquire a wireless signal.

We’re not condoning such actions. But, should you find yourself needing to unleash your own brand of wireless justice on all those obnoxious mobile phone talkers, make sure you don’t jam an innocent by-stander’s polite conversation. Oh, and br careful about how you do it - wireless carriers pay boat-loads of cash to the government for the right to use their respective wireless frequencies, and they’ll think nary a moment before fining you thousands of dollars per jamming-incident.
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Re: My phone > iPhone
« Reply #220 on: October 31, 2007, 12:26:57 PM »
props for the news! IT WILL NEVER STOP!!! the nokia n82 looks like a silver n73! cant wait to have one in my hands!!who's gonna buy a 85 000$ phone?maybe some rich fuck in dubai or bahrain!

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Re: My phone > iPhone
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props for the news! IT WILL NEVER STOP!!! the nokia n82 looks like a silver n73!
Cant wait to have one in my hands!!
who's gonna buy a 85 000$ phone? maybe some rich fuck in dubai or bahrain!

I guess itīs meant to be the succesor to N73 by the looks of it.
Nothing wrong with that,the phone was a big success and itīs still selling.
Classic design and all the features thatīs available,canīt go wrong.
What up Matty,has the 8GB cards hit the stores yet?


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Re: My phone > iPhone
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like you said aint nothing wrong with that cause the n73 was a good phone (i have one and i still love it) but i cant wait to buy the n82!!


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Re: My phone > iPhone
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Nokia now N-Gage-ing in December
Leading mobile phone carrier delays built-in gaming service "a couple of weeks" due to extended software-testing period; Warner Music pulls support.
By Tom Magrino, GameSpot
Posted Nov 2, 2007 5:13 pm PT
In August, Nokia announced it would be reviving the N-Gage gaming platform. Eshewing the clunky "sidetalkin'" N-Gage hardware of the past, the latest incarnation of the service will be built in to new Nokia mobile phones and will be based on software downloads versus game cartridges.

The N-Gage service was scheduled for a global was launch this month, However, Reuters reports today that the service has been postponed due to an extended software-testing period. "N-Gage is coming in December. Software testing is taking a bit more time than what we had expected," said Nokia representative Kari Tuutti. "We are talking about a couple of weeks."

When the service does go live, it is expected to offer mobile versions of The Sims 2: Pets, Tetris, FIFA 08, Crash Bandicoot and other games for around $8 to $14. Models thus far slated to be compatible with the service include Nokia N73, N81, N81 8GB, N93, N93i, N95, and N95 8GB.

The N-Gage hold-up isn't the only adversity facing Nokia's online strategy this week. Warner Music Group has pulled its support of the Nokia Music Store, partly over concerns of illegal file sharing at Nokia's online music download service Mosh, reports the Wall Street Journal.



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Re: My phone > iPhone
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the iphone and any of these new phones aint fuckin with my phone.......