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Bishop Lamont "N*gger Noize"
« on: September 09, 2007, 04:49:11 AM »
This is more of an album anyways, so a quick review seems in place:

01. Intro

02. Klansmen 5/5
Focus behind the boards. Production is great with a Dre inspired sound and a dope piano loop. Bishop is basically talking about the Aftermath signing, Dr.Dre, haters... The first few lines are just classic I swear to God almost every mothafucking day another fakest nigga walks up to me, guess what he says ? "Hey Bishop how it feels to work with Dr.Dre" ? I reply "hey faggot how it feels to be gay ?" The chours is dope as hell, looks like Bishop got his hook game in check. I think the last few verses are aimed at Game, who dissed him out of nowhere and then apologized to him on radio. Anways, a great track to introduce Bishop to the streets.

03. Dont Kill Me 5/5
Jake One brings heat as always, providing an uptempo church-ish beat. The chours is very 50 Cent-ish, good stuff. Bishop is basically just wilding out, showing his lyrical skills and having that fast paced slow. Another great track.

04. Translator 4,75/5
Great concept on this track. Talking about how everybody nowadays dumbs down their lyrics, only caring about the sales, everybody sounding the same, remebering the good old days... The chours says it all "I wish the game was reversed and my verse was the beat, so you'd listen to me first and then dance later, I aint dumbing down shit, you dont like it get a fucking translator." Lyrically I would give this a 5/5 but the beat is a little bit amateurish.

05. The Truth feat. Stacee Adams 4.75/5
Scott Storch behind the boards. Its obvious this is a leftover, probably unfinished beat, but Bishop doesnt need a banging beat to keep you interested. Him and Stacee Adamas go back and forth about the state of rap game, political and social issues. Another great chours from Bishop. Again for lyrical and storytelling side this would get a 5/5 but the beat aint a 5/5

06. Lets Go 4/5
This track aint on the level of the 1st four thats for sure. A laid back joint, with Bishop not really talking about anything specific.

07. Footsteps In The Dark 3/5
Nottz did the beat and its quite boring. Everybody seems to love this track, while the way they flipped the sample is dope, the track is boring to me.

08. Interlude

09. Super Freak 3/5
Another known sample flipped. Another boring track about bitches, pimp ish. Even Khalil who is a beast, dropped a boring ass beat. I know this is just a mixtape, so he gave him a leftover but still.

10. Bitches On MySpace
Hilarious track. Showing a different side of Bishop, showing his versatality and he proves hes not just your typical unmarketable backpacker but can create hits too.

11. Last Crusade 4,5/5
J.R. provides an idian influenced beat, that everybody wouldnt turn it into a club joint but no, Bishop again takes a shit on todays rap game. So many dope punchlines but Im too lazy to write them down.

12. First They Love 5/5
Wow, this is my favourite track off the album. 9th Wonder drop an amzing beat, Dre inspired. Bishop just kills his verse "When I ride in my ride, I dont listen to the radio, cus niggas spit that same ol same ol lazy flow, ever since T.I. everybody sample Jay-Z flow" or "this albums should come with pillows cus all I do is doze"

13. Interlude

14. N*igger 4,5/5
Bishops in house producers Diverse provides him with a funky, fact paced flow. Great storytelling again, describing the history of the word in the title.

15. Hood Psalm 4,5/5
This is more like it Khalil. A fucking awsome orchestra beat, followed by a hard hitting piano, if only weve had this in real CDQ. Anoter 50 inspired chours. Just like on Dont Kill Me Bishop is " just wilding out, showing his lyrical skills and having that fast paced slow."

16. So Cold 5/5
Bishop showing a more emotinal side of him. I know Im starting to repeat myself but Im too lazy to get too indepth, so Im just gonna say that Bishop again proves that hes a great story teller.

17. HisStory 5/5
A perfect track to end the album, Nottz drops a great beat with a very dark, sort of emotinal vibe. Bishop raps with an emotional flow about the concept of creating an album, the self doubts about him selling out... Wishing I could rap just like the rest of ya'll, bout just bitches in the club, cars and how I ball. The whole album through, every song thats on but no sooner than I think it, I hear my concious call, like "nah, you gotta see this through, you a part of his plan, you know what you gotta do." But I dont want to, but I need to and like it or not, I have too... Again a very addicitve chours.

Overall this gets a 4,5/5.

This is my favourite album of the 07 so far. Bishop sounds so fresh, its great to finally hear another rapper on a mainstram level after Nas, thats not on that gangsta tip but is actually saying something on his records. Like, most of the shit thats out now, you put it in your mp3 player and when youre listening to it, youre more and less just nodding your head to the beat and not really paying attention to the lyrics because its either about guns, clubs or bitches. To me he sounds like a mixture of Nas and 50 Cent. As bizzare as that sounds, hes got the lyrical and story telling abillity of Nas and the song writing ability of 50.

Im really looking forward to The Reformation, right now even more than Detox. It looks like the album will be completley different than todays standards I mean look at the producers he worked with so far: Battlecat, Buckwild, Bink!, Chad Hugo, DJ Premier, DJ Quik, Dr.Dre,  Evil Dee, Hi-Tek, J. Dilla, Jake One, Just Blaze, Lord Finesse, Madlib, Mr.Porter, Pete Rock, RZA, Saalam Remi, Scott Storch, Warren G. Thats just crazy.
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