Author Topic: 5,000 my niggas.  (Read 1022 times)


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5,000 my niggas.
« on: September 09, 2007, 05:57:50 PM »
I don't know how many of ya'll like me or don't but regardless Im'a still shout ya'll out cuz unfortunalty that's how I do it. I'ma try to keep it real to the posters I see around lately. So here goes my shit..IN ABC ORDER..

To the niggas who run the site: Overseer & Rud, to the nigga wit the hair Nima, to nigga wit the kicks We Fly High, to the nigga who got the vault in check Jome and etc. etc. you get the drift...keep doin' you. Ya'll make this one hell of a website. That's real talk right there.

187Proof: I think you should be included on the list so that's why you are here.

7even: You're a smart dude and a cool one in my opinion. You got alot of knowledge. A true shout-out man.

AboveTheLaw: One hell of a helper. Good lookin' out man. You know alot of shit. From music to computers to whatever man. Stay up.

Al Bundy: Ah man. What could we say about you? There's so fuckin' much. You're def. a favorite to me becuz you're honest wit yo'self and you can make alot of niggas just laugh. LOL. Keep ya head up my nigga. And DON'T stop postin'. You're hilarious wit a good personality.

Almost grounded: I see ya name so propz.

Acgrundy: I sometimes wonder, actually alotta times wonder, what you're doing on a Hip Hop message board. An' I don't know if ya want a shout-out but whatever.

AlerG: I wish you the best of luck in the future. You got the talent. Keep grindin'! I respect that. Esp. to cats who are true to it!

Bangin' West Coast: My homie. Always keep you're head up. We need ya ass on this board. Hollaaa.

Beatz: Yes sir nigga. A best of the best. I'm always lookin' forward to read what you gotta say in threads. You're music taste is off the chain and I got madddd respect for you. I mean from Hip Hop to Jazz to Rock. Everythang you know. Stay postin'.

Bez: Became another favorite out of the keystyle board. I'm liking it. Keep it up homie!! Real cool cat.

Big B: Who knows if you're around but shout-outs to you.

Blu Lacez: You post alot and are very openminded. Keep doin' you. Propz kiddd.

Bones01: What's good homie? I see ya around. Keep postin' my dude. Shout-outs.

Boo-Yaa: What's good homie? You're a funny nigga and I check for ya in Tha-G Spot so stay postin' homie. You a real tight cat.

Boycriedwolf619: Even though I honestly don't agree wit some shit you say, I gotta give you respect where the respect is due. You stand for alot and you stand for what's right. You're a good man when it all comes down to it.

Bramsterdam: Well I know you don't post alot but I feel like you deserve a shot-out so damn it, what up?

Bz Mak: Everytime I see your name, I think spinning sneakers. LOL. You the dude man, start postin' more.

Calikid: You know you're shit even though you don't post too much. Still always good. You should post more. You're a homie, homie.

Capo Status: Just crazy. Crazy.

Chamillitary Click 07 & Xzibit444: Confuse the fuck outta me.

Cheif: What's up my dude? You're a great man, at least to me. Keep postin' dude. You a nice nigga!

Cougar Rebel: Always speakin' your mind, and ain't a thang wrong wit that. Keep doin' you. Shout-outs.

Crafty: Now you are a man the world needs. You're a favorite to me. You intelligent and just a good dude at heart. Much love man. You're honestly needed, not only to the board but life in general.

DJR: You a tight cat. From Death Row to mainstream. You got it all. Propz my dude.

Dopewhiterapper: Well I don't know if you're a dope white rapper or not but regardless, keep postin' my dude. You know the music.

Don Jacob: I know you love your music homie, even if it ain't hip hop.

Dynamic: Greatest keystyler wit knowledge up in this bitch. Keep doin' you. Hopefully we'll see you in the game sooner or later.

Eazye: Ahhh, my nigga. You are what every Hip Hop board strives for. I can say that a nigga who's too wise for his years is always great. You're humble and knowledgeable at the same time hungry for Hip Hop. Love it. Please stay postin'.

{ E. B. K.} 4: Shou-out homie, can't leave you out.

EDizzle/Eddie: You're a cool cat and you put in work. Keep it smooth homie. And whenever there's an R&B topic, I know this nigga gonna be in it. Which is good so the topic don't get no posts. Ya know what I'm sayin'? LMAO.

E. J. Rizo: Prolly one of the smartest computer cats up in here man. Shouts-out.

Elevz: You are that nigga. You're smart and honest and into some real good music. Whether it be Hip Hop, Soul, Jazz, whatever. Keep it up. We need you. Plus you're one hell of a cat. So keep postin'. You got all respect from me.

Es-Jay: Homie. I got so much fuckin' respect for you. You're crazy but cool. You done put in you're work too, in the hook up spot so keep up man. Madddd love.

Evan the dude: I don't see ya around much, but you got skills in the Photoshop.

FlipMode: My homie. >_> LMFAO. You crack me up too much. Keep postin' my nigga. You a good dude.

Foday/Almighty Blackman: I know you make madd people upset, but I respect that. Becuz no matter what you start, you are a very intelligent cat, and I appercaite that. Regardless how many battles you eggnite, it's all becuz of the knowlegde you got. I think it's crazy how much shit you know about everythang so respect to you.

Funky Ass Tony: Big shout-out man, and propz.

GangstaBoogy: True to your music regardless of what everybody else think. That's what's up. Keep postin' man. Truthfully.

Gimme Punani: You gave me the BIGGEST hook up in all my time here. And I greatly appercaite it. An' don't think I don't play that shit cuz nigga I still do! You needa post more. You're a great cat homie.

Gimmeyourshoes: Well rounded dude, and honest, what else can I say? Propz to you fella.

Harry Browne/Hajj Abdul-Infinite: I respect you for the simple fact, you're a smart guy and you come thru all the time. So big up. Plus ya mean well, so it's all good nigga.

Hercy Buggz: You got a good Hip Hop taste and good taste in music all around.

I.B. BLVD: Gotta shout you out.

Intriago: Homie you should post more. You got a style the board could use. Propz kidddd.

Jake/Da Bears: You're great nigga. I think you got alomost every CD. Burned or reatailed. LOL. Propz man, you deserve it.

Javii: I see ya around and I feel like you desevere a shout-out as fuckin' well.

J Bananas: This cat has got to be around somewhere. You's a good cat where ever you're at anyways. I'm prolly shouting you out twice in here, who knows, lol.

JML: I don't know if ya want a shout-out but whatever.

Johnny1000: Now this nigga really speaks his mind. He really do. I must shout you out! Propz my nigga.

JordanŽ/Educated Thug: Keep up putin' in your work here. You one nice ass cat. Keep doin' you. Much propz man! Really.

Jrome: In all honestly, you're the type of person a nigga can look up to. You're so fuckin' Hip Hop intelligent, it's crazy. My hat goes off to you man and all respect I can give and all propz I can give, goes to you homie. You're def. a best, and that's so fuckin' real.

J Scrilla: This cat's a playa. Lol. Everytime I hear ya, I just think of a fuckin' Miller Lite or some shit. But it's all good and ALL respect.

K Dub: It is what it is. I mean respect for you is high my dude. You here to discuss music and that's what you do. No matter the rapper. Big shout-outs to you. You maddddddd cool kiddd.

KURUPTION-81: I see ya around too playa. You respect ya music so ya get respect from me. Propz to you.

Lakers Fan: Why don't you post in the G-spot more?? You're fuckin' crazy. You always get me dyin' laughin'.

Lincoln: I know you like that music wit talent.

LooN3y: Shout-outs homie. I see ya around.

Low Key: LOL. This my nigga. You gotta keep postin' man. Very calm dude and very collected. Big ups to you!!

Lunatic 63: Now this nigga post alot. LMAO. All good though becuz you know your shit. Keep reppin T.I. Lol.

LyRiCaL_G: My utmost respect to you fella. We need ya postin' more. Maddd, maddd, maddd respect.

Mac 10: What's up wit cha? Damn man, you're a crazy cat. Keep postin'. I believe we need ya! Honestly.

Makaveli's Food & Liquor Loves Them G.R.I.T.S: Yes of course you are on the list. PROPZ.

M-A-U-Z-I-P: Now you just remind me of Justin Timberlake. I'm sorry. Crazy cat though.

M Dogg: Should get a shout-out.

Money: Classic muthafuckin' sig.

Mosav: Where ever you been at, shout-outs to you.

Mo Z. Dizzle: You're a real cool cat. Much respect man!

Mr. Tounge Twista: You're a hotshot nigga, LMAO, you're too funny. Man, shout-outs to you. Hilarious.

MTL's Most: Yes, ya do keep it real. Keep makin' beats, keep stayin' real, keep postin'. Maddddd respect my dude. Maddd respect.

Mygla: Like I said I don't know if you like me or don't but you're on the list.

NiCc_FrUm_ThA_nO: You come thru with the hook up's too damn much. You're too nice nigga. Propz!

Now_I_Know: Dun dun da dun dun. LMAO. Homie, you CRACK me UP. When I'm sitting alone in here, you get me laughing out loud. Nigga get's me like a crack feind, rocking back and forth in the chair. Like for real. I of course have respect for you though. You know you're a best so what else can I say? Lol.

Notorious T.D.A: For somebody who loves Hip Hop, you can say it's this nigga. Respect to you man. You're a fan hip hop can use.

Nutty: I see your name here and there once in a while so I must shout-out.

Oklin: Hip hop head. Hip Hop head. Hip hop head. Hip Hop head. I think he's true to it. LMAO.

Ozir: Saw your name, had to shout-out

Pc8381: You needa post more.

Pissin' On The Throne: I don't know where this homie went. But he was a good poster.

Plant: I don't know where you went but shout out regardless.

P.L.O. Style: Crazy cat. Shout-out. Post more man.

Promident: The funniest nigga on this board. In my opinion period.

Raide: True ass hip hop fan. True ass music man. Much much respect. Got more music than fuckin' anythang.

Raphael: Shout-out homie.

Relentless: Is really renlentless. Real respects real. Always. Keep doin' you, propz my nigga.

Regro De Nero: I know I'm spelling your name wrong, sorry but shout-out!

Rik: LOL. Hilarious personality. One of the best. Cracks me up. Needs a shout-out. Makes Dubcc what it is. Hip Hop head. It is only right to give respect. PROPZ.

Sanford: To crazy for his own good but this is my nigga right here. Post more damn it nigga.

Shawn Nutt: Don't know why you post little now??

Shallow: Yes likes music. Yes is smart. That's all I know of you.

Sik: I think he's the most respected nigga on the board.

Slick D: My keystyle nigga. Homie is real bonkers. Lol. Much respect man.

Smoke break: That's my fuckin' dude, propz.

Sparegeez: This is just another nigga who brings the ghetto out, but he brings the smart maturer ghetto out, LOL. Only thang you can do is respect him man. So propz.

StevenQBosell: Knows madd shit on music. And that's why my respect is like way up here for him. Propz homie.

Sunset Shady: I shout-out to you.

Swangin and Bangin: This is THAT, that nigga. He's too ghetto. Gotta love it. He's like one of them true inner city niggas. This cat brings the hood out. Again, you GOTTA love it. Propz my nigga, propz.

Tanjibility: I love this nigga. LMFAO. I swear. Dude is too fuckin' real. He has to know what it is becuz I can't put into words my respect for him. Too damn intelligent. Respect is up here nigga, up here high, Lol.

T-Dogg: One of the calmest and smartest dudes up in this bitch, in my opinion.

Ted: Where the fuck you been nigga?? You a great homie. Funny ass cat.

Tha Watcher: Big shout-out homie!

The-Leak: Hip hop head. Lol. No matter the artist.

Thisoneguy360: I def. see this nigga around shout-out.

Timbo The King: One of the biggest Hip Hop cat's up here. It's only RIGHT you get a shout-out.

Timelock: Shout-out of course.

Tom: I don't know if you italian or not but you remind of one of those true NY italians who like true NY music. You a real one nigga.

Trentman: Shout-out's playa!!

Turntable Junkie/Dipset Corr__gi: I don't know how to spell the name you used to be. I'm sorry. Shout-out.

Visualize what you can't see: You must have a shout-out on the list.

West Coa$t: I must shout-out becuz you add lots of shit to the board. Much respect man. Propz!

WeStCoAsTiN' 4 LiFe: His sigs is always bangin'. Shout-out playa!

Weezy F: I cannot forget to shout-out you on the list either. Propz.

Wcsoldier: Intelligent, intelligent music wise, shout-out to the fullest. Fullest!

Will-I-Die: Shout-out goes to you of course.

White Boy: You remind me of the rest who like true talented music, so a shout-out to you is deserved.

Yay AREA 510 CUTTHOAT: Of course there's no way I can't forget you on the list homie.

Yishay: He's just multi-colored. That's what you just remind me of. Lol. You needa stay more active though.

Z: Last but def. def. not least is the homegirl Z. Like she's the greatest. Just for the fact she's the only girl who can hang with the niggas. Lol. My respect is high. Real high.
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Re: 5,000 my niggas.
« Reply #1 on: September 09, 2007, 05:58:16 PM »
Now if I missed somebody I'm goin' to be PISSED!


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Re: 5,000 my niggas.
« Reply #2 on: September 09, 2007, 06:00:54 PM »
Good shit, B! Great poster. Good looks on the shout, kinfolk.

My boy went all out with the shouts. Good shit.


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Re: 5,000 my niggas.
« Reply #3 on: September 09, 2007, 06:09:44 PM »
Look at this nigga doing is thing all professional in alphabetical order and shit. Gotta give another prop in an hour for that.

So here goes my shit..IN ABC ORDER..


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Re: 5,000 my niggas.
« Reply #4 on: September 09, 2007, 06:13:32 PM »
props homie  keep posting  8) 8) 8) 8) 8)


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Re: 5,000 my niggas.
« Reply #5 on: September 09, 2007, 06:21:31 PM »
Lunatic 63: Now this nigga post alot. LMAO. All good though becuz you know your shit. Keep reppin T.I. Lol.
LOL yea man I do :D

that gone change a little bit now that im back in school, and goin out most fridays and im tryna get a job, had an interview other day lol

always be reppin T.I. & Knoc-turn'al LOL :P

props 2 you man, you're an amazing poster..1 of the few east coast music dudes i can get along with LOL
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Re: 5,000 my niggas.
« Reply #6 on: September 09, 2007, 06:32:28 PM »
damn QT! puttin in work homie! 5'gs and an all out shout out rollcall...props fam and good lookin on the shoutout +1


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Re: 5,000 my niggas.
« Reply #7 on: September 09, 2007, 07:05:59 PM »
You're a real good dude QT.  You're always checkin for the Hip Hop that paved the way, shit that was out prolly way before your time.  You gets mad respect for that.  Peace.


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Re: 5,000 my niggas.
« Reply #8 on: September 09, 2007, 07:23:28 PM »
Major props...QT is a good kid.

G.O.D. Pt. III

Re: 5,000 my niggas.
« Reply #9 on: September 09, 2007, 07:32:52 PM »
Haha thanks for the shoutout! Shit was true  8)

+1 doggy and keep posting. you're one of the better ones!
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Re: 5,000 my niggas.
« Reply #10 on: September 09, 2007, 07:37:27 PM »
If only everybody was a little more like QT, we would have universal peace  ;)  Props for everything, keep your unique posting up.
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Re: 5,000 my niggas.
« Reply #11 on: September 09, 2007, 07:41:45 PM »
hahah you threw shout outs to literally everyone damn!! Biggup homeboy keep doin your thing!


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Re: 5,000 my niggas.
« Reply #12 on: September 09, 2007, 07:46:15 PM »
U did not shout me out QT, but it's all good and I got mad respect for ya. U know your R&B too. Hoep there was no offense taken with the whole Alicia Keys comment. +1

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Re: 5,000 my niggas.
« Reply #13 on: September 09, 2007, 07:50:13 PM »
Yooo i wanna take a minute here to knowledge the fact that you took the time and write a shout out and personal prop to everyone, i thiknk thats real cool and coming from a str8 up dude like you i woulnt expect anyting less.

Keep doing youre thing homie, stay up dont let them bring u down u know!!!

Pecae homie

c ya round

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Re: 5,000 my niggas.
« Reply #14 on: September 09, 2007, 07:53:23 PM »
Props on the 5000 dude!
Thx for the shout out as well, you're a good guy.

See you around the keystyling section lol.
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