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Re: BREAKING NEWS: Dr. Dre Gives An Interview
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Somebody needs to scan the whole shit, here's another piece:

The new issue of GQ has a rare interview with Andre Young. He talks about a bunch of stuff like the N.W.A. days and the Curtis and Game beef, but of course this is what caught my attention. Maybe it’s common knowledge that Dre still burns trees, but these days I tend to think of him as an old fogie elder statesmen type of dude, so it kind of bugged me out to actually hear him say it.

So you actually smoked “the chronic,” that particular strain of weed?

You didn’t freak out the first time?
Nah. I liked it.

Did it become part of your creative
Weed doesn’t make me more creative. I don’t smoke before I work. I like to smoke when I’m done and listen back to the music, under the influence. [laughs] Some people can go in and smoke from morning to evening and it doesn’t affect them. But it slows me down. I’ve definitely created stuff high before, but I prefer to do it the other way.

When was your peak of weed smoking?
Um—last night? [laughs] It’s still goin’. Nothing’s changed.

Also interesting is where he claims to have left Death Row with adequate compensation and then acts as if Suge never took one penny from him that he didn’t deserve. Which is funny seeing as Dre has a lawsuit pending against what’s left of the company as we speak.

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Re: BREAKING NEWS: Dr. Dre Gives An Interview
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thanks for that, that 1986 picture is crazy