Author Topic: Can the U.S. stabilize the situation in Iraq?  (Read 55 times)


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Can the U.S. stabilize the situation in Iraq?
« on: September 25, 2007, 05:39:25 PM »
And how long could this take? In my opinion, it could take generations to establish some kind of a national Iraqi identity in the country, which is in my eyes the only possible solution for the problem. if we pull out now, Iraq will go through dozens of years of internal instability and civil war, but how can we stay there and spend a really ridiculous percentage of our taxes on this country that we fucked up? We fucked it up, but then again, it wasn't really us who fucked it up, since i've never gotten to vote on the Iraq War resolution in 2003. That shit was fucked up. It's key for the rest of the world to distinguish between the U.S. citizens and our corporate government when they criticize America for the mess in Iraq. We should try all the war criminals and establish a non-military involvement in Iraq and reverse the laws that privatized Iraq's natural resources. That would change our image in the middle east, though this could only happen if our population becomes informed and challenges the corporations to get out of Iraq first, however difficult that might be. Of course, we need to pull our military out of there to let that happen. We've been doing the same shit there since the beginning of the war, we need to change our tactics drastically. The problem in that country is not a military one, but a social one. The Sunni and the Shi'a are not on good terms in Iraq because it's such a free-for-all situation. That is pretty much the biggest problem in my eyes, and to fix it there needs to be a unifying factor for the iraqui people. But utting in another dictator would only be a short term solution, so what should we do? How long could this take?
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Re: Can the U.S. stabilize the situation in Iraq?
« Reply #1 on: September 26, 2007, 09:24:21 AM »
I forsee that the whole country will continue to slip furthure into a worldly hell.

As long as US agents control the oil flow and the Iraqis continue to slaughter themselves, the US can continue to control their actions and play them off against each other, an opportunity may also arise in the future where Iraqi ethnic tensions may be harnessed to promote and feed action between Saudi Arabia and Iran. The US needs to make this about Sunnis v Shiites or good arabs vs bad persians or extremists vs not-as-bad extremists, rather than US Conquest, because the voting public in the West is beginning to reject the traditional 'Us v Them' doctrine.